Top 5 Best Frameless Sliding Glass Shower Doors Of The Year 2021


Whether you are remodeling your bathroom or shower needs an update, one of the most important things to look for is a shower door. Sliding glass shower doors are the thing that’s in demand in 2020 and 2021.

However, how do you know which shower door to choose?

That is where we come in. Take a look at our review of these top 5 frameless sliding glass shower door options to know which door is right for you.

  1. Woodbridge Frameless Sliding Glass Shower Door

Woodbridge Frameless Sliding Glass Shower Door


  • 56-60 inch width x 76-inch height
  • 3/8 inch tempered safety glass with ANSI certified
  • Anti-splash threshold
  • Reversible door

Woodbridge’s latest MBSDC6076-C model is a great choice, ranging in the middle cost-wise. The width is adjustable between 56 and 60 inches, and the height is a whopping 76 inches, making it great for homes inhabited by tall people. It comes with a door that can be installed to slide to the left or right, depending on the user’s preference, and comes in brushed nickel, chrome, or matte black finishes. It is also a decent choice for new houses that are still settling since it has a 3/10 of an inch to give great strength. 

  1. Sunny Shower Frameless Double Sliding Shower Door

Sunny Shower Frameless Double Sliding Shower Door


  • 60-inch width x 72-inch height
  • 1/4 inch tempered glass ANSI certified
  • 2-way sliding door
  • Lowest price

This model is one of the lowest in the bunch, but that does not mean it lacks all good qualities. While it comes 60 inches wide, it can be adjusted to as low as 58.5 inches by cutting the guard rail. The handle on the outside of the door can double as a towel rack, and two knobs adorn the inside. It comes in two finishes: brushed nickel or chrome. It also comes with a clear seal that prevents water leakage. 

  1. Dreamline Enigma Fully Frameless Sliding Shower Door

Dreamline Enigma Fully Frameless Sliding Shower Door


  • 56-60 inch width x 76-inch height
  • 3/8 inch tempered safety glass with ANSI certified
  • ClearMax water and stain resistant glass coating
  • Effortless sliding door

While this model is definitely on the higher end of the budget, it is definitely worth buying. Its width can be adjusted, and its sliding door can be installed to open to the right or the left. Vinyl lines the edges of the door and its fixed panel to minimize potential leakage. Like Woodbridge, it is also suited for a home with tall people.

The biggest plus is the ClearMax coating, which resists stains from hard water, making it much easier to clean. You will need to be aware of a couple of things with this one because you need a minimum threshold depth of 2.75 inches, perfectly straight walls, and to purchase the slim-line shower base separately. 

  1. Vigo Sliding Frameless

Vigo Sliding Frameless


  • 68-72 inch width x 74-inch height
  • CPSC 16 CFR 1201 Category II and ANSI Z97.1 certified 3/8 inch tempered safety glass
  • Reversible door
  • Limited lifetime warranty

This shower is the largest on our list, making it perfect for a larger bathroom or wet room. It has a nice 304 stainless steel finish, and its doors are reversible, meaning it will open to the left or right based on the user’s preference. It also has a lot of giving for those brand-new houses that still have some settling to do. The shower glass door allows 4” of horizontal adjustability. Another nice aspect of this model is the warranty it offers. VIGO provides a strong limited lifetime warranty for all its structural aspects and a yearlong warranty on its shower seal strips. 

  1. Elegant Showers Semi-Frameless Bypass Sliding Shower Doors

Elegant Showers Semi-Frameless Bypass Sliding Shower Doors


  • 5-inch width x 72-inch height
  • 1/4 inch ANSI certified clear tempered glass
  • Towel rack handle
  • Larger walk-in space

While this shower model is the cheapest of the five, it is still a solid choice, especially since it has one of the larger walk-in areas of 30 2/5 inches. It has a nice towel rack-style bar outside the door, although the singular knob on the inside is not anything special. It comes in a nice stainless steel finish and built-in copper rollers for smooth gliding doors. The shower doors also come with a two-year warranty.

In a Nutshell

No matter what shower doors you decide to go with, these are the top ones of this year and next. If you are looking to add a modern style shower to your minimalist bathroom, these are the doors to look into. You should choose the one that best suits your house’s needs and your budget, but these shower doors should be your first go-to. These are the top frameless sliding glass shower doors of the year 2021, and they will not disappoint.

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