Top 5 Ceiling Fan Brands In India


Crompton Ceiling Fan

What is the essential appliance in the house, especially during the summer days? You would say an AC or a cooler. Indeed, it is true. But, what if we ask what the essential appliance in the house is during the summer days that save on electricity bills? The answer is a ceiling fan. It is the cheapest way to increase air circulation in the room and has been used for years. All the brands with the maximum range provide you a good quality or high wind ceiling fans.

Usha Elsa, Goodbye Dust Ceiling Fan

Usha is one of the most trusted and oldest brands in India. It is still in the number one place. Not so premium looking, but it has a very strong wind, which is capable of cooling the room within a few minutes. Fan and dust resistant lacquer coating as well as ergonomically wide tip blades both distribute and circulate strong air. It can perform well even at low voltage. Apart from this, the motor engaged in it has a high speed-350 rpm.

Crompton Power Saver Ceiling Fan

If you are talking about power, design, less power consumption, lasting motor, more air, and ZERO noise, Crompton Ceiling Fan is the answer. Crompton ceiling fans in India always work as a relief from the heat. Affordable, stylish, and powerful, Crompton HS Plus is the best option. This fan not only serves to cool your room but also enhances the beauty of your room with its beautiful design. It has got BEE 5 star rating in power saving, which makes it clear that this fan consumes less electricity. Along with three sharp blades, it also brings a double ball bearing motor with a top speed of 320 rpm. This fan is absolutely in your savings. Being one of the fastest-growing brands in India, Crompton is the name of the trust.

Orient Electric Premium Ceiling Fan

The Orient is the highest blower and ceiling fan available in an attractive design with low power consumption. It uses high-quality aerodynamic profile blades which are capable of throwing maximum air without noise. The fan also gets rust-free blades and the sturdiest 18-pole heavy motor with double ball bearings. Talking about the style, it gives a very premium look.

Havells Stealth Air: 3 Blade Ceiling Fan

This fan from Havells can be said to be the perfect choice to make the ceiling of your house look luxurious and attractive and to throw a strong wind. Along with the stylish look, you also get strong wind and also save electricity. This fan is fitted with three sharp and sharp blades, and its motor speed is 230 rpm. It is easily available online in Blue and White colors with two years warranty. Havells ceiling fan is right now the first choice for Indian houses in terms of design and innovation. But, the prices are high.

Luminous Deco Premium Ceiling Fan

If you are looking for a premium-looking fan, then you will end your quest for this fan. Along with its stylistic look, Luminous Deco Premium makes every corner a breeze. With a high air delivery of 235 CMM, it makes less noise and is completely rust-free. Its body is made of pure aluminum, and the motor speed is 380 (rpm).

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