Top 5 Effective Electronic Pest Control Ideas


Spring is generally the time when you need to start considering pests. This is when they all emerge from their hiding places and start getting ready to enjoy the summer.

Flies, wasps, and other pests are all looking for an attractive, safe spot to set up home. Your property can offer just such a spot; this will ensure they are a nuisance throughout the summer.

This is why it is important to get your fly control methods sorted quickly. Eliminating them or persuading them that your home is not an attractive option that will save you hassles throughout the summer.

There are several electronic pest control ideas you can consider:

  1. Vectorthor Falcon

Vectorthor Falcon

This product has a funky design, enabling it to look more like an up-lighter than an electronic pest control device.

The shape attracts the flies from the top and captures them, preventing them from falling to your desk or work surface below.

This makes them great for home and the office!

  1. Swtroom Ultrasonic

Swtroom Ultrasonic

This is a great idea for your children’s bedrooms. It has a built-in night light and works on flies, insects, and even rodents.

It emits an ultrasonic pulse, which should deter most pests from entering your home.

However, before you buy one, it is important to understand what it will and won’t do. None of the ultrasonic devices will work on all pests, but it can be a useful part of your pest deterrent strategy.

  1. Vectorthor Peregrine 3

Vectorthor Peregrine 3

The Peregrine 3 is fitted with 3 ultraviolet-A lamps to help attract and kill flies. It weighs just 6kg, which means it can be situated safely anywhere in your home or office.

The design is stunning; instead of the conventional look of blue fire, it looks like a cross between a towel dispenser and a high tech fan.

You’ll hardly even notice it once you’ve got it installed!

  1. Aspect Rotatable Ultrasonic

Rotatable Ultrasonic

This device also incorporates a night light, the intensity of which can actually be adjusted to your needs!

It simply plugs into any socket and can then be rotated so that the ultrasonic rays are actually going in the direction of your pest problem.

If you are using it as a deterrent, placing it near doors or windows will be effective.

You will also find the power outlet built into the device allows you to continue using the socket for other electrical items. You don’t need to lose your favorite socket!

  1. The Electromagnetic Pestzilla

Electromagnetic Pestzilla

This device also plugs into your sockets. However, instead of emitting an ultrasonic sound to deter pests, it sends a pulse through the electrical system of your home.

This pulse will not affect your electrical devices, but the sound that the electrical pulses make is enough to deter unwanted pests.

The best thing about this type of system is that the device can cover the entire house.

If you really want to look at electronic pest control devices, it may be best to utilize several devices to ensure the best possible results.

Of course, a cat can always help if you have a rodent problem!

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