Top 5 Family Christmas Traditions To Start In 2021


Family Christmas Traditions

Christmas traditions have a great way of bringing families together each year. They ignite the spark of joy for the season in a way unlike anything else can. The magic of traditions is that they are passed down from generation to generation and last throughout the ages. Time-honored traditions usually include one of these five phenomenal options. Pick one option or pick them all; they will all have a special place in your family for the holidays.

  1. Make Decorations

Making Christmas decorations is a fun family tradition that you can start this year with your family. The art of making popcorn chains, pasta stars, or paper-mâché ornaments is a great way to bond with your children. There are several different options for you to try – you should let your children pick their favorites. The best part about edible decorations like popcorn strings or candy canes is that you can eat them when the season is over; you will make new ones each year anyway. These decorations are best put up using a ladder, that way; you can reach higher places like doorways and walls.

  1. Choose A Special Tree Topper

Buy an old-fashioned tree topper and start the tradition of placing the same beloved topper on your tree for years to come. Everyone knows that the tree isn’t complete until the topper is placed and the lights are switched on, don’t let your family miss out on this special Christmas tradition. The tree is what brings Christmas alive in your home, so make sure it is trimmed with love.

  1. Bake Up Some Christmas Treats

One of the best memories you can give your children is to bake Christmas treats with them. Making a gingerbread house is a lovely way to spend the cold days inside where it is warm. Find your favorite recipe online and buy everything you need to decorate it in advance because you don’t want to be driving around at the last minute trying to find ingredients. Christmas cakes need to be baked in advance, so find a recipe online that you’d like to try, and make sure that you save it for the years to come.

  1. Wear Family Outfits

There is nothing more wholesome than having every member of your family wear a special outfit on Christmas Day. These can be anything from fun sweaters to full-on Christmas elf outfits. Traditionally the dad of the house is Santa Claus, the mom is Mrs. Claus, and the children are the elves. Matching sweaters are also a lovely tradition to start; pair each sweater with its own Christmas hat to complete this festive look.

  1. Send Out A Family Christmas Card

Family Christmas cards are a fun way to update your friends and family on what has happened over the last year. These cards are usually made from a professionally shot family photo but feel free to change things up. Traditions are all about what you love and want to be passed down to the generations of your family. Some families have outlandish traditions that they would not swap out for anything in the world.

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