Top 5 Garden Updates to Increase Your Home’s Sale Appeal


When it comes to renovation and home updates, most people tend to focus on interior decor. Although adding a neutral colour scheme can improve your home’s saleability, neglecting the exterior can be detrimental. A garden is a valuable asset that your real estate agent can sell, but an unloved space can be off-putting to potential buyers.

To help utilise your garden, here are the five best updates to increase your home’s sale appeal.

Plan With Purpose

Top 5 Garden Updates to Increase Your Home's Sale Appeal

Just like the inside of your property, your garden should be a functional space. When you update your garden, think about different ways you can use each area and plan your layout. Consider going green and starting a vegetable patch, adding a paved or decked area for gatherings, a summer house for entertaining and a grassy play area.

Extend Your Living Space

Living Space

When planning, it helps to think of your garden as an extension of your living area. To do this, purchase outdoor furniture that matches your interior design scheme, add an outdoor heater or build a fireplace, and build a stylish canopy or awning. As a bonus, make it, even more, inviting with soft furnishings, lights and plants.

Transforming Light

Transforming Light

Lighting is an incredible tool that can set the tone of your garden. As well as being functional, lighting can also make outdoor space more appealing. There are a variety of types and styles to choose from, including string lights, wall-mounted options, free-standing lamps and strategically placed rope lighting. Be environmentally friendly and choose solar lights, go romantic with candles and lanterns, or improve a water feature with underwater lighting.

Install New Fences

Decorative Fence in Garden

Fencing is an important part of any garden, but an old dishevelled fence can make your garden look untidy and unloved. However, just because fences are essential does not mean they have to be boring. Add ornamental fencing to create separate areas, put up cast-iron railings or update your existing fence with paint. If brick walls surround your backyard, put up trellis and climbing plants or design a mural.

Place Plants and Flowers


Adding plants and trees in pretty ornamental pots is one of the easiest ways to transform your garden and increase saleability. Unless you are a gardening expert, it can be difficult to decide on types of plant. To make it simple, choose a mixture of flowering summer plants and combine with hardy evergreen varieties to create a diverse and appealing space that will look great all year.

When updating your garden, aim to create a functional garden with designated areas. This will help potential buyers to envisage themselves in your property and ultimately, help your home sell faster.

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