Top 5 Headache-Free Moving Tips


Moving Tips

If you’ve ever had to nervously count the boxes on the eve of a move and remember whether you’ve packed everything and then look for things that are missing, then you’ll agree that moving is a scary business.

  1. Packing Plan, Sturdy Containers And Miles Of Tape

Start packing for your trip by preparing your containers. More than half your success depends on how well you pack. Proper packing will do the job. The right packaging is sturdy and of the correct size. In general, packing stands for boxes, plastic wrap with “bubble wrap”, stretch thin film and miles of duct tape. Ordinary rubbish bags, on the other hand, are too thin and don’t save you from damage. So if you need a bag, get a heavy-duty one, such as a construction bag.

Continue preparing for the move by making a packing plan. Make a place or a separate room where you will put your folded belongings so that they do not interfere with the collection of the rest.

Boxes should not be too big, each box weighing no more than 30 kg, but it is better not to put more than 20 kg in one. It is not only a question of convenience for the movers but also of keeping things safe.

  1. The Formula For Success: An Honest Haulier + Mighty Movers

No matter how you assemble the boxes, too much will depend on the haulier. When choosing, always look at what vehicles the company offers. If an organisation has one type of vehicle for all occasions, you can’t count on speed and quality. You should therefore choose reliable carriers like the man with van in North London to make a move go smoothly.

  1. List Of Things And Sign Boxes

To make it easier to move and not to miss anything, pack things from the same room into boxes that are marked with the same colour. This will make it easier to find things in the new place.

It is the best to label each box with an inventory indicating exactly what is in it and make the inventory on a sheet of coloured paper. Attach the sheet by completely taping the surface. It is time-consuming work but well worth the time invested.

  1. Load The Most Valuable Things Last

One box should contain your most valuable possessions and documents. It should be carried next to you, not trusted by anyone else.

Another box should include a stock of essentials that will come in handy at your new location. If you’re travelling late at night and don’t plan to unpack until the morning, the box should contain bedding and toiletries. If you start putting things away straight away, put your tools in it.

  1. Discharge And Deployment Plan

Many people forget about this point. And when you arrive, you find that there is nowhere to put the boxes, the refrigerator won’t fit, and the furniture has torn corners after unloading.

So, a few days before the move prepares the room for receiving things, try to free from the furniture all the passageways and corridors so as not to interfere with unloading; Make a plan of what and where you are going to put things. If you mark boxes in different colours, mark these areas in the new flat.

And be sure to clean up. Nothing should stand in the way of the movers: a broken vase should not be blamed on a worker who tripped over a rag in any way.


So, to move all your things without a headache, you need to:

  • Prepare and pack well.
  • Choose your moving company with the help of ‘It’s Happening’.
  • Sign each box.
  • Place the most important box of items you need separately.
  • Prepare your moving location.
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