Top 5 Insider Tips About Kitchen Faucets

On November 2, 2018 by Himanshu Shah

5 Insider Tips About Kitchen Faucets

Are you planning on buying one of the best kitchen faucets? Or do you wish to upgrade your current one? Whatever the case; there are a few important factors you need to take into account. And I am presenting them as these five insider tips about kitchen faucets.

Think of it this way. When you want to purchase indispensable home tools, you should be willing to spend a little extra for high-quality stuff. Even if that means putting in a few more dollars for the good touchless kitchen faucet. It doesn’t matter! The point is to do your research and then buy.

So here are the top 5 insider tips about kitchen faucets!

5 Insider Tips about Kitchen Faucets

  1. Check The Number Of Holes In The Sink

Kitchen Faucet

When upgrading to a new faucet, don’t forget to take a look at the number of holes available. This you’ll find in the sink deck.

Traditional kitchen faucets with both hot and cold water taps demand three holes. One for the spout and two for the taps, right? There’s the fourth hole as well, which is reserved for the sprayer.

But you know what; there are single-piece faucets too. That need only one hole, which accommodates its handle. This type of faucet has a separate sprayer hole. Single-piece faucets are the most popular and common. And that’s because they’re easy to maintain and operate.

But if you’re installing a brand new faucet, you can choose any amount of holes. Based on your faucet requirement and convenience!

  1. Don’t Ditch The Sprayer

Kitchen Faucet Sprayer
Since I’m talking about sprayers, why not include them as an important factor too!

Sprayers are integrated dishwasher/soap dispensers. Many modern faucets feature this popular component. In the form of either a pull-down or pull-out version! The former is a better choice.

Here’s Moen explaining how to install their pull-out kitchen faucet:

Just ensure that the spray head button is of the highest quality. As that reduces the cost of maintenance!

  1. Give Importance To The Handle Type

Kitchen Faucets
Conventional kitchen faucets come with either a single handle or double handle. The former rotates in only one direction for you to select the water temperature. As for the latter, it mixes hot and cold water.

The single-piece faucet models feature handles attached on the side or the unit itself. When kitchen faucets have just one handle, it’s easier to maintain and use them. No wonder they’re so common in kitchens!

The lever handle allows you to turn on water supply just by using the elbow. That means no need to bring your dirty, sticky hands in contact with the faucet. Also, lever taps are universally ideal for home situations. Meaning they’re perfect for providing water access to those with physical disabilities as well.

Having a single lever to deal with is a more practical solution. And these levers are packed with touch technology. That makes room for the separation of messy hands and clean handles.

This, I hope, answers the question “how to buy a kitchen faucet?”

  1. Consider Factors Like Hose Length And Faucet Height

Faucet For Kitchen Sink
What size faucet for kitchen sink? Or how tall should my kitchen faucet be? Time to find out below!

First off, let’s talk about faucet height. Is your faucet below the cabinet? Or is it in front of your window? When the faucet is below the cabinet, you have to take measurements before buying.

Moving on to the hose length. You entirely should not forget taking the sink size into account. You might have a large sink, which, with a short hose, is no good. As the hose won’t allow you to clean the sink’s bottom corner.

Also, if you have plants nearby that you want to water easily, a longer hose is a more suitable choice.

  1. Select The Finish Carefully

Best Kitchen Faucets

It’s useless to talk about five insider tips about kitchen faucets without mentioning anything about the finish. You got two options here; smooth and brushed.

Typical, affordable sinks contain brushed finish. This causes unpleasant roughness regarding feel. And it’s more likely to turn into a bacteria breeding ground. That means cleaning becomes even more time-consuming.

The other option, the smooth satin finish, is a result of the use of high-grade steel. It’s an easier-to-clean, more hygienic choice if you ask me.

You Now Know Better!

So focus more on things that matter. Instead of wasting time looking at features that aren’t, in any way, responsible for convenience. A kitchen faucet is supposed to make your life simpler. When you’re prepping meals and doing the dishes! So let’s keep it that way.

Do you have any more helpful tips to share with us? Please don’t hold back if you do.

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