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Nowadays, it’s becoming essential to have a sophisticated home interior design that gives your place that lush look. A classic masterpiece with a perfect combination of traditional or modern floral interior design can make you feel happy every time you open your eyes.

Imagine how much better Monday morning would feel if you take a shower in a creative and modern bathroom? Naturally, therefore, designers mostly come up with various interior design ideas for people who want different styles and different elements. So, if you’re looking for a revamp or you’re thinking about carpentry or tiling works, let’s check out more about what you can do for your office or home.

Best Interior Design Ideas And Decoration Inspiration

According to statistics, 12,090 million dollars are the estimated revenue of the interior design industry in the US. Moreover, a forecast suggests that the revenue will increase up to $12,722 million by 2020. The report shows and helps to understand how popular home decor style is in the US.

However, luxury is not a style, and you can bring it to your most preferable interior design. Let’s check the following list below that presents the best five designs chosen by designers and top-class clients. We will start with design number five and go up to style number one.

Style #5: Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic Interior Design

When contemporary meets vintage, shabby chic is born. The style represents a look of the room that reminds you of a boho and 70s-era earthy look. Right now, the messy look is quite in. In this design, stylists use vintage stuff to decorate the room. It makes you feel like you are at an antique flea market.

The furniture in your house will look old and dusted due to special paint which is sanded milk. However, the shabby chic design is soft and soothing to the eyes and brings a contemporary feel. The colors applied are mostly white, ecru and pastel, but it looks like the orthodox appearance.

You may also apply any vibrant color of your choice. The main theme is brought out by linen textiles. Overall this style is highly appreciated due to simple yet flexible synchronous replication.

Style #4: Modern Urban

Modern Urban

The next style on the list is modern urban. The look is inspired by cosmopolitan cities and, therefore, it is modern interior design. Such interior design will remind me of the 21st-century style where everybody is busy. If you are also busy and don’t have time for writing an essay, you can go to and order the best online paper on the market.

Further, the modern urban design has a mix of glamour, ethnic heirlooms, and experimental designs. In this style, the furniture is large, sleek, and modern. Other things like pillows and mirrors bring modern style suitable for urban atmospheres with a fancy retro touch. Such things require creative imagination with architectural embellishment and vintage items.

Style #3: Scandinavian

Scandinavian Style

For number three, we have chosen the Scandinavian style. Scandinavian countries have a comfortable and soothing environment. This design is inspired by those Scandinavian countries like Finland or Sweden.

If you are into many colors and brightness, then this design is for you. Bauhaus principle is the one on which the style is based, and it involves:

  • Smooth contours,
  • Popular appearance,
  • Emphasis on object proportion.

On the other hand, sharp angles and striking lines provide a contemporary look for urban kitchens. Being one of the most popular interior design styles, it has been marketed by the IKEA company.

Style #2: Nautical


This design is in the second position because of the maritime look. If you want a sea-facing or ocean lurking home, but it is too expensive, then this style will make you feel like you are in this open beach-type look.

Of course, it is artificial, but the feel is authentic. It consists of unfinished wood in furniture, seashells in various jars, jute stuff, and navigation material. You might even feel like you are on a beach.

Style #1: Mid-Century Modern

Mid-Century Modern

Currently, that’s the best interior design because of its modern and chic look. Many people prefer it. It is iconic and represents the mid-1900s. That period came up with some fantastic designs, ideas, and awesome mixtures. In this design, everything is perfect, from linen to furniture.

Also, the lines are more refined, and designers usually use natural shapes. The material in this style is day-to-day stuff like aluminum, plastic, and plywood. It is easy to redefine or update the design if customers want, unlike the other styles, and, consequently, it is called the minimalist interior design. You can mix elements from other designs, and it would mold easily.

There you go, those are some of the best interior designs. Do not be afraid to try things that are out of your comfort zone because maybe that look will be the one you love the most.

However, if you’ve been trying to experiment with the design styles and add depth to the surroundings, remember that it is a bit challenging cause. So try to stick to having at least one option.

Or you can mix a few designs but with one core concept. You can also add some elements to the other interior designs and create stunning, modern extensions onto any style property.

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