Top 5 Mistakes Home Sellers Are Making In Canada


Home Selling Mistakes

When selling a home, we want to all to happen as fast as possible. This may mean you try to skip some necessary steps when it comes to listing your house. Of course, you want to sell straight away, but it won’t happen if you do any of these things.

  1. Limit Viewing Times

What you might be thinking is to remain organized when doing your viewings and keeping a set time during the day for viewing. Don’t do this.

By doing this, you are cutting off lots of potential buyers. You need to keep your times flexible to please potential buyers. The times when people most likely want to view houses are at the weekends and in the evenings after work. Doing this is almost guaranteed to get you a buyer sooner and help your buying process go a lot smoother in the long run.

  1. Making Your Home Look ‘Lived In’

Some people tell you to make your home look lived in, and, granted, for a small number of people, this does work. But for the majority, it’s good to keep your home neutral, so potential buyers feel like they can move in within 24 hours.

This gives them more incentive to buy, as they can imagine themselves living there more easily, without the distractions of that picture of your grandmother eating a bagel on holiday one year. Or that awful drawing of a horse your daughter did two months ago on the refrigerator.

  1. Trying To Market It Yourself

Some people think that the selling and marketing of a home is easy, when, quite frankly, it’s not. Seek the help of high-quality, local realtors; for example, people in Ontario would go to Grand Valley Real Estate Agents. Their expertise and knowledge will help expedite the buying and selling process for you.

They will know peak selling times for your home and be very honest about what needs to change to make the sale even more successful and appeal to more buyers.

  1. Overpricing Your Home

You might know every little detail about your home and therefore think it’s worth its weight in gold. But the sad truth is, it’s probably not. You need to be honest and think critically about what you know to be the truth about your property and what’s personal bias.

Getting an estate agent to give you an honest price for your home, especially in the current crisis, maybe the best answer to getting your property to sell, even if it’s far less than what you hoped for.

  1. Not Using The Correct Storage

When you declutter your home, you want to keep the essentials and nothing else. Some people might say to keep your storage handy and on-site. This might be convenient, but having a shipping container in your front yard is going to put some people off viewing your home. It’s best to have a close but off-site storage facility to put your personal belongings when depersonalizing your home.

Now you’re armed with the knowledge to avoid the common pitfalls of selling a home.

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