Top 5 Most Common Causes Of Roof Damages


Common Causes Of Roof Damages

No roof is invincible! Your home’s roof is one of its most vital elements. It serves as a protector, shielding you, your house, and your personal items from inclement weather. The roof that covers your home will spend its entire working life outdoors, exposing it to many external elements.

It’s almost a rite of passage for you to encounter roofing problems at some point with your home. Some damages can be solved by carrying out simple repairs, while others may require a complete roof replacement. Regular maintenance is necessary if you want your roof to last long.

What causes roof damage? You need to know the common causes of roof damages. That way, you will be able to prevent further damages or prevent damages from taking place at all.

Causes of Roof Damages

  1. Poor Installation

Poor Roof Installation

You trusted your roofers to provide the craftsmanship and skills for a quality roof installation; then, you are left with shoddy work that you only notice when your roof starts leaking. More often than not, the reason people need roof repairs is improper installations.

You may have had a great roof installation team, but contractors often take shortcuts to save time and money. They may have used poor or no roof sealants at all or didn’t fasten the roof material correctly, leaving you with a poorly done job.

You must have a certified professional do your roof installation and repairs. Don’t do the roof repairs yourself. When trying to patch up small fixes on your own, you may miss an underlying issue that has the potential to cause extensive damage.

  1. Age

Roof Age Matters

One of the biggest reasons you are experiencing roof problems is that your roof has been seen many days. Even the best-constructed roof will eventually show wear and tear signs over time by getting old, weak, and brittle. The best maintenance and repair can prolong a roof’s life, not make it indestructible.

If your roof’s warranty has run out, it is more cost-efficient to replace than to fix. They will only last so long and withstand so much before there is just no point but a complete roof replacement.

Because aging is inevitable, the professional must schedule regular roofing assessments to carry out inspections to determine whether your roofing material needs replacement or maintenance. Depending on the area you are in, some roofing materials have longer life expectancy and age better than others. You should consult with an expert such as the professionals at Fortress Roofing to find out which one suits you best.

  1. Weather Conditions

Weather Conditions

Harsh weather conditions will take a toll on your roof; this is one of the biggest causes of roof damage. While extreme weather might not immediately cause a disastrous situation, repeated exposure and minor inconveniences add up to severe roof damage. Unfortunately, as a homeowner, there is little you can do about it.

High winds, thunderstorms, hailstorms, heat, deep cold, and hurricanes will all gradually damage your roof. If you live in climates where hurricanes are prevalent, you will have to pay even closer attention to your roofing systems, as the wind can be a real threat. Strong winds can potentially tear your whole roof off the top of your home.

The constant exposure to the scorching heat of the sun can damage your roof too. Over time, UV light and extreme heat during the summer can jeopardize the well-being of your roofing materials. To mitigate this, ensure that your attic is well insulated and use a radiant guard on the ceiling if you live in an area with high temperatures.

  1. Termites


These pests can cause a considerably huge amount of damage to your roof within a short time. A colony of termites can get into your attic and eat away the wood structure that comprises joists, decking, and roof supports. This compromises the structural integrity of your roof, causing it to collapse in extreme cases.

Termites are not easy to notice since they are usually hidden in the walls and attic. You may only notice them during a roof inspection or when their damage becomes visible. They can be controlled by coating the wooden members of your roof and scheduling regular inspections.

  1. Lack Of Proper Roof Maintenance

Lack Of Proper Roof Maintenance

Neglecting proper roof maintenance that your roof needs can lead to more severe roof damage. Even the strongest roofs require adequate maintenance. If you fail to repair your roof constantly, then each element will be more vulnerable to the constant wear and tear that they are exposed to. Look after your roof by performing regular inspections.

It is essential to pay attention to any minor issues and get them checked in time. Keep the gutters and the whole roof clean. When your gutters get clogged up, it reduces the water flow from your roof; water gets stuck on your roof for a long time and causes severe damage later on, like rusting on metal roofs so adding a gutter protector would be a very good decision.


It is always a good idea to take care of your roof and correct damages sooner rather than later. Damages to roofs can worsen over time, leading to costly repairs if you don’t deal with the issue as soon as possible. You can always consult with professional roofing experts on the best ways to deal with roofing damages.

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