Top 5 Professional Choices for Soundproofing Your Home


Whether you want to turn the volume up to eleven without disturbing your neighbors or your neighbors are turning it up to eleven and bothering you – soundproofing could be the answer to your problems.

While it is an essential element of some homes, there are still many questions people have about how it works or what’s useful. That’s why we put together this FAQ that answers some of the most asked questions around soundproofing.

  1. How Does Soundproofing Even Work?

Soundproof Home

Sound is a vibration of molecules in the air, which is caused by the motion or impact of particular objects. When any purpose vibrates, it causes movement in the air particles. These particles collide into the particles close to them, which makes them vibrate, causing them to bump into more air particles. This movement, called sound waves, keep going until they run out of energy. If your ear is within range of the vibrations, you hear the sound.

  1. What Type Of Glass Is Soundproof?

What Type Of Glass Is Soundproof?

Putting an object between you and a source of sound will fundamentally change how your ears perceive it, as they will deaden the vibrations of molecules. However, certain types of glass will be more effective at soundproofing. A single pane of annealed glass could be too thin, but layers of these together would do a good job. A pane of glass measuring 1/8” thick is generally considered “double strength,” however, if you could get annealed glass measuring ¼” thick, then that would be ideal.

  1. Are Egg Cartons Effective At Soundproofing A Room?

Egg Carton

If there is one defining factor that makes something good or bad for soundproofing, it is how well it absorbs sound. This is precisely why egg cartons make for poor soundproofing, as they are terrible at it. The myth was perpetrated by the fact that acoustic panels have a pattern similar to egg cartons, and while they might somewhat diffuse mid-range frequencies on a small scale, there are far superior options out there.

  1. How Can I Most Effectively Soundproof My Walls?

Speaker Wall

The truth is that there are little tricks and hacks you can try, but the best way to effectively soundproof walls is to bring in professionals to do the job. You can stick quilts to your wall or tape mats up there too, but it’s challenging to tread the line of aesthetics and adequate sound dampening by yourself.

  1. Are Soundproof Curtains Worth The Money?

Soundproof Curtains

Some people have put off soundproofing because they worry that it is too difficult or too complex to handle. This is why soundproof curtains are popular, as they are one of the easiest soundproofing methods – although this doesn’t mean they match the same quality as proper soundproof installation. For something like stopping traffic from external bleeding in, they will be useful. Still, for anything with a higher decibel level, the sound will always find a way around and through the curtain and gaps in the materials.

If you are still interested in soundproofing your home or business, this post was written by the team at NMN Soundproofing and will be happy to provide you with any help or answer any questions you may have.

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