Top 5 Reasons To Buy Air Filters


The air we breathe every day is not the best quality we can get. It is filled with all sorts of living and non-living particles. The non-living ones include dust, dead mites, hair spray, smog, pet dander, etc. The living matter contains bacteria, viruses, etc. Our lunges do the best they can to remove these harmful materials. But they are not fool-proof. We can make our lungs’ work easier by installing an air conditioner filter. They will help remove harmful particulate matter from the air and clean the surrounding air in our home. If you’re worried about the installation process, you can relax.

What Are The Benefits Of AC Filters?

Carrier EXPXXFIL0016 Air Conditioner Filter

Home AC filters are easy to install by yourself. They also have little arrow marks that help you in positioning the product in the right direction. You can see here some of the Best home AC filters.

People that have hypersensitivities to impure air, allergies, breathing disorders, etc., require the best quality indoor air. Filters keep out unwanted particles and make sure that you and your family get the purest air possible. A group of scientists and technicians have come up with ratings called MERV ratings to help us better assess the quality. In simple terms, as the MERV rating increases, the efficiency of the filter also increases. There is a certain kind of rating called MPR ratings, which is also used. This works the same way as MERV, i.e., the performance gets better as it goes up.

  • MERV: Goes from around 6 to 20
  • MPR: Goes from around 100 – 2000

Top 5 Reasons To Buy Air Filters:

Lennox Y6604 Air Conditioner Filter

  1. Improvement of the quality of indoor air by trapping dust particles from nearby construction sites. This is especially useful if you live in an urban area.
  2. When you or your family members have respiratory issues like asthma, air filters prove useful in making the air cleaner. Take care of your family members.
  3. If you or your loved ones have an allergy, the filter is a must-have. They make your air odor-free due to various reasons like pets, food, etc. The air purifier works very effectively to clean all the dangerous things.
  4. They help in removing tobacco smoke if you or anybody that lives with you is a smoker. Secondhand smoke is very harmful to our organism.
  5. A much-ignored reason is that when you move into a new house, the fresh paint contains harmful chemicals that are not supposed to be breathed in. Right Filters help remove these chemicals.

All of these reasons and many more will save you hundreds of dollars on hospital bills, doctor appointments, and a lot of burdens. With an air filter, you can sit back and have a breath of fresh air!

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