Top 5 Reasons To Have Weapon Storage


Top 5 Reasons To Have Weapon Storage

If you’ve just come home from your local firearm dealer with a brand-new rifle, shotgun handgun. Congratulations on the new purchase first of all but, what do you do with it now? If you have secure storage already, you‘ll probably put it away. If you don’t, you might put it in a drawer, maybe in your bedside table, the first thing you do with it is placed on your dining room table. If you live alone, you might be able to get away with this, but what if you live with people? With children? These are the top 5 reasons you should consider getting secure firearm storage.

1) You Have Kids

Top 5 Reasons To Have Weapon Storage

The number one reason you should have weapon storage is kids, whether those kids are your own or your friends. Apart from it merely being the responsible thing to do, in many states, there are child protection laws that forbid people to allow firearms into the hands of minors. Furthermore, criminalize the individual who allowed a child access to a firearm if said child harms someone or someone’s property. Check your state and local laws to see if your state is one of the places that have these laws.

2) It’s the Law

Top 5 Reasons To Have Weapon Storage

Some states have laws that are similar to the child access prevention laws mentioned above, except these laws, we are referring to is more general. Meaning that it can be illegal to allow your weapon into the hands of someone else or to leave it unlocked in certain places. Of course, few places have laws this strict, but it still pays off to make sure.

3) You Have Friends Over

Top 5 Reasons To Have Weapon Storage

Most people, at some point, will have friends over. If you have parties, even small get-togethers, it would be smart to make sure that no one can get a handle on your weapons. Especially if drinking is involved.

4) You Have Family Over

Top 5 Reasons To Have Weapon Storage

There are two reasons you’ll want weapon storage for family coming over. First, the same reason as above. Second, if you have family members that aren’t gun-friendly, you can hide them and provided a measure of security for them so they may feel safer coming over.

5) The Weapon’s Safety

Top 5 Reasons To Have Weapon Storage

Finally, to protect your weapon against theft. If you live in a city, or anywhere with a significant crime rate, as much as you may want to have your firearm by you for protection, you may want to consider having secure storage for your more expensive firearms and collector pieces.

There is no excuse when an accident occurs from not having your weapon securely out of the hands of an unauthorized user. Be sure to make a conscious decision and keep your family and weapons safe.

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