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Upholstery is the task of adding padding, webbing, fabric, spring or leather covers to furniture. The term is can also be used with domestic, airplane, automobile and boat furniture. The article will highlight modern-day upholstery, which is a craft that has evolved over hundreds of years before the development of synthetic fibers and sewing machines. Today’s upholstery also utilizes synthetic materials like vinyl, Dacron, serpentine springs, among many others. Traditional upholstery used materials like coil springs, coir, Hessians, animal hair, hay, wadding, linen scrims, straw, and hay. If you’re looking for Sofa repair Dubai then there are many companies who repair sofa chairs and upholstery services for all kind of furniture in Dubai UAE but some of them provide best of the best services and is one of them.

From a design aspect, the outstanding part of a sofa is the upholstery. An essential factor to consider is, focusing on a durable fabric. Currently, for most sofa coverings, microfiber imitation suede is trendy. Another popular option is leather. Irrespective of your choice, it is a better idea to obtain samples that you can physically make a comparison to the other sets in the room where the sofa will be to be sure that it is the ultimate look before you proceed to buy the fabric.

However, sometimes the sofa upholstery may require repair because of extended use or some particular damage. How do we go about the repairs? Let us examine a few examples, especially when the upholstery is made out of leather.

  1. Flexible Filler Method For Leather


Any damage, holes or bigger areas of damage on the genuine leather of a sofa, it is advisable for repair to be carried out with a type of flexible heat-curing compound. FC – 1 soft filler is highly recommended. It is non-toxic, water-based, sandable, and easy to apply and cures with low heat, whether it is sunshine or incandescent bulb.

This method also works for the repair of some synthetic sofa upholstery.

  1. Sandpaper-Super-Glue Method

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This is another viable method for repair of damaged genuine leather. Minor cuts or marks on can be fixed with super glue and sandpaper. The mentioned leather furniture repair is especially excellent for cat scratch damage. However, for more severe damages on the sofa, the flexible filler method is a better choice. This method is not suitable for synthetics.

Any damages or holes on genuine leather and synthetic sofas should be repaired.

  1. Flaking Or Peeling Leather

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Some of the cheap synthetics designed for the landfill are composite leather, bonded leather, and ultra-leather. If your leather sofa shows signs of flaking or peeling, it may be caused by one of two things.

  • The sofa is not leather but actually, some cheap composite called polyurethane PU or bonded leather that is going through “hydrolysis-related failure.” Repair in this situation is not recommended since eventually, the same will reappear.
  • Solvent-based coatings or elastomeric, have a likelihood of peeling and flaking along natural lines together with the areas of frequent flex and traffic on leather and vinyl. These coating, therefore, do not age well.

Whenever the original grain of vinyl or the leather remains and does not absorb water like a standard fabric, it means your sofa has an after-market coating which is either solvent-based spray paint or an elastomeric. However, the coating can be removed.

To go about the repair of flaking and peeling, slowly sand with 220 or 320 grit wet-or-dry sandpaper up to the point the surface will feel smooth. Another option is using a multipurpose cleaner and an old scotch Brite pad. Some solvents like paint thinners and denatured alcohol may be useful but take care since such solvents can etch the paint, causing a gummy mess without obliterating it. So it is prudent first to test the solvent in a plain area and observe the way it works. If the solvents work effectively, but you prefer something more stringent, you may as well prepare a deglazer by mixing 1.5 tsp lemon juice and 8 oz. rubbing alcohol.

Once there is no different feel between the coated areas and the original surface, use Rub and Restore to bring back the appearance. The thin, water-based acrylic solvent behaves like a stain and is more similar to the particular material than the other conventional coatings.

Color changes call for intermittent touch-ups on areas of high-wear. The advantage of using the proper solvents will prevent flaking and peeling.

  1. How To Fix A Sagging Sofa

You do not need to spend extra cash on buying a new sofa or go for uncomfortable seating if the sofa has a sag in it. This problem is solved with plywood. To completely fix the sag, it will be prudent to use thicker plywood and not thin sheets of plywood or particle board. The optimal size is a thickness of ¾ inches because it will fix the sag and it will be long lasting through any wear and tear.

To start the repair, it is essential to remove all the cushions and take measurements of the frame of the sofa. A better option is having the plywood sit on the frame itself and not on top of the box springs or mesh. Take measurements from front to back and from side to side. In case you are worried about the plywood sticking out of the sofa, use the depth and width of the sofa cushions as a standard, since they should eventually sit on the plywood the same way they fit on a frame.

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