Top 5 Steps To Mold Removal


Mold Removal

Mold invasion affects your home’s value as it is a health and safety hazard. It is, therefore, essential that you remove the mold as fast as possible. Working with mold removal in Naples, FL comes with a guaranteed mold removal process with assured results.

Here is the step to step guide to mold removal:

  1. Asses The Source Of Mold Growth

The first step towards removing mold is by determining their presence. You need more than just peering on the walls and the surrounding environment to determine if the mold is a concern.

Do not stop on identifying the presence of the mold; instead, look for its source. Given that mold thrives in moist areas, look for the existence of still water around your property. No matter how much you clear the mold, it is a waste of time when the source remains active — successfully clearing the source guarantees against future recurrent.

  1. Create A Remediation Plan

Every type of mold growth comes with a specific control method. Once you have determined the presence of the mold and its source, the next step is the documentation. This is the point to unveil the necessary details to help you determine the most appropriate removal method. Use videos, photos, and writings to come up with a plan. It is the period where you decide when to start and finish the removal.

The remediation plan also helps in determining the need for relocating during the period. It also helps in confirming if any particular test is necessary.

  1. Confirm The Extent Of The Damage

Before you begin the actual removal, you have to determine how affected your property is. With the right information, you will come up with the proper removal method and duration. Every extent of the mold invasion comes with specific rules and guidelines to follow. Each state provides for its instructions. Research widely from reputable sources to confirm if the method you are planning to use is legal. Whatever process you use must not put the lives of other property occupants at risk.

  1. Clean Up

Clean up is the most crucial stage in your mold removal. All the other steps help you prepare for a safe and successfully clean up. At this stage, you put the methods you create in stages 2 and 3 into action. You also remove all the water sources that cause the molds.

The first step in the clean is to repair the water problem. After which you isolate the contaminated area and remove any contaminated materials such as mold remediation. You have to get the best mold remediator for these cleaning chores. Clean all the affected areas until they become visible. Once they are clean enough, dry them up and replace or repair any damaged areas.

  1. Finish Up

Finishing the cleanup is not the end of mold removal. Take some time to confirm if, indeed, the mold is no more, and the water source issue is fixed. Work with a reputable company to offer environmental testing. Once you have confirmed everything is fine, feel free to reoccupy your regular living spaces.


You need an extensive mold removal plan to rid your property of mold inversion. For assured results, work with a reputable mold removal company. Companies like mold removal in Naples, FL, comes with qualified professionals and the right mold removal tools.


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