Top 5 Things You Shouldn’t Put In Your Bedroom In A Conspicuous Place


There are certain rules in every home, every place for personal stuff, for favorite Teddy bear and dirty laundry. Thoughtful master bedroom decor is an art of turning the mess of favorite pillows, candles, souvenirs, and 20 years old but the best in the fluffy world toy into a stylish and cozy personalized bedroom. There are a few typical tends avoidance of which will help to keep the intimacy and confidence of your personal space.

  1. Laundry Boxes

Laundry Boxes

Say no to boxes, baskets with stylish textile and ribbons. The right place for this functional decor element is in the bathroom or the laundry room. Do not keep your underwear next to your bed. Keep a special organizer or wardrobe which is located in another corner of the flat or house. If you have a small place, then divide a sleeping area with a curtain and place all the other stuff outside.

  1. Wires And Socket Plugs

Wireless Charger

A bedroom is a place where you would like to charge your phone, tablet, or even a laptop. Therefore, you must install a socket plug next to the header o your bed. Wires can seriously annoy you or even damage while sleeping. Buy a wireless charger for your phone, try to avoid laptop cables, and keep your tablet charging in another place. There are people like writers from who can’t imagine life without a keyboard, for that reason thinks about a working area. You don’t want to have an extension cord next to your carpet and see it every morning when you wake up. There is plenty of solutions today to hide your network of charging devices. Think about it once and forget about this problem forever.

  1. TV

Meditation Area

Most modern bedroom ideas include a TV. Feng shui master bedroom doesn’t allow this idea in various variations. It does not only lead to an unhealthy habit but also looks not nice. Keep your sleeping area clean from the outer world. It is the most intimate place in a flat or a house. It is a place where you end and start your day. It determines your mood and state for the next 18 hours. Avoid TVs installed in the wall and think about a meditation area instead.

  1. The Collection Of Fluffy Toys

The Collection Of Fluffy Toys

A favorite teddy bear on a bed table makes it cute, the huge fluffy rabbit with the army of friends makes your boyfriend jealous. It is not only evidence of bad taste, but it also looks ugly. Think about replacing them with a set of stylish pillows and cozy blankets. Bedroom decoration includes paintings, live flowers, books, candles, lights, photos, mirrors, small windows, clocks but not fluffy toys unless you are choosing bedroom items for your daughter.

  1. Decorative And Care Cosmetics

Makeup Vanities in Bedroom

Design your bedroom thoughtfully to hide all the mess of crèmes, bottles, sprays, and other cosmetic appliances. Hide them in a drawer or the bathroom. The perfect decision is to decorate your room with flowers, books, and candles instead. There are plenty of decorative options today, and none of them offer to place crème bottles next to your bed. Sleep in a clean, stylish, and fresh place which will fulfill you with happiness in the morning and grant you with a healthy deep sleep at night.

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