Top 5 Tips For Building A Beautiful And Functional Home Gym


Commercial gyms are often overcrowded and noisy, the locker rooms of these gyms are sometimes dirty, people usually have nasty habits, and all of us can’t put up with these bad things after a while.

Unfortunately, a lot of people have to stick with typical gyms. This is usually due to the small apartments they live in. Not every person out there is lucky enough to have the capacity to build a gym at home.

But, if you belong to the group of lucky people that have enough room and funds to create a home gym, you will appreciate what follows below. James from fitnessabout helped us to create our own beautiful home gym and we have written this to help you.

Keep reading and learn what you should do to build a beautiful and functional home gym that you will look forward to using every single day.

Start Small

Home Gym Instruments

Bear in mind that you can’t buy your way to good habits. You may have the money, you may have enough space, but building a friendly gym takes some time and patience.

You know, if you couldn’t exercise somewhere else before, the chances are that you will have a lot of trouble exercising home. So, it would be wise to start building your gym with a few inexpensive pieces such as dumbbells and an exercise ball.

If you manage to use what you have for a few months consistently, it will then be safe to expand your collection further.

Just remember not to rush. In the beginning phases, that is the most important thing to know. 


Personalize Your Home Gym

When you start building your home gym, you need to bear one thing in mind – every detail is a reflection of yourself.

It’s your house, you can, and you should decorate it however you want to. The exercise space should be the kind of space you are looking forward to spending time in.

Therefore, personalize as much as you need to. Put up posters, add a TV, get some excellent speakers, put in a plant if you want to, make it feel comfortable.

You need to give this room an attitude that will help you get on with exercising every time you decide to hit the gym. That’s the ultimate goal of this whole issue.

If you’re on the fence about this, you will be glad to learn that a prominent interior design company from Doha, Qatar. This company once touched upon this topic, and they too agree that a personal touch it quite valuable. 

Buy Multipurpose Equipment

Buy Multipurpose Equipment

Less is indeed more!

Since you’re building a gym at home, it would be wise to be smart with space usage. Right? Well, if you want to utilize each square foot, buy multipurpose equipment.

For a start, you could buy adjustable dumbbells or rubber bands that are versatile and can grow as you grow too.

Multipurpose equipment you might be interested in includes:

  • fitness machine cable tower
  • adjustable bench
  • adjustable cable crossover machine
  • adjustable dumbbells
  • adjustable rubber bands 

Become A DIY Aficionado

Become A DIY Aficionado

Since you’ll start building your home gym soon, let this be your perfect excuse to level up your crafting skills.

Start by looking up home gym projects online that you can do yourself. For instance, if you have a loaded workbench, you can build complex projects such as a squat rack. That’s just one example.

Of course, there are a lot of projects for beginners that do not require much knowledge or complex items and tools.

Adding shelves to place your speakers on, or stencil in a cool design on the walls can be a great little DIY project. 

Rubber Mats And Mirrors

Rubber Mats And Mirrors

Before you start pulling in all the equipment into your home, lay down some decent flooring.

Don’t put in all the equipment on your current floor. First, soften things up with rubber mats or rubber flooring solutions.

Not only will space feel more like a gym, but you will also save what’s under that rubber flooring. One day you might want to find another purpose for the space you’re now working out in.

Also, add some mirrors so that you can keep track of your progress. It’s fair to say that floor-to-ceiling mirrors are expensive, but, for a start, you could use a closet-length mirror to check your form and progress.

On top of that, mirrors make a room look bigger, so that can only be a plus if you have a small room for your home gym.

Bonus Tip – Bring In The Heat

If you happen to use your garage space for your home gym, you know that cold weather can be a bit tricky sometimes.

Even though it’s not bad to exercise in a room where the temperature isn’t quite enough to keep a body warm, you should look for a few space heaters.

However, if you buy the Olympic barbell, you should know that this piece of equipment can get cold. This piece of steel is a bit more challenging to warm, so it would be wise to keep this piece inside.

Every bit of equipment that is similar to this one should be brought inside after each workout.


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