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Carpet Cleaning

No matter how beautiful your home is, if your floors or carpets are dirty, the appearance ends up being neglected. It’s not easy to keep these surfaces spotlessly clean. In them are impregnated the dirt that we bring in our shoes, the very dust of the house, and the inevitable wear and tear of time. The good news is that some tips can, yes, make your life easier when it comes to removing these impurities — and some of them are quite simple, you’ll see.

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Want to find out how to keep your flooring and carpeting looking new and make your home even more beautiful and welcoming? So, read our post right now and make your job easier:

  1. Dual Dynamic: Water And Neutral Detergent

Porcelain tiles and other cold floors can be cleaned only with water and mild detergent. These products soaked in a cloth and added to a squeegee can solve all your problems.

But it is important to remember that all types of material deteriorate from excessive contact with water. So clean when necessary, sparingly. Don’t wash the floor like a backyard made of beaten cement, scrubbing hard and harshly. Your floor deserves your care, so be gentle and patient.

There are many neutral detergents specific for stones, ceramics, and porcelains on the market. Search in specialized houses, supermarket chains, home centers, and even on the internet and find the most suitable product for your type of cover. Then, read the instructions for use and let your floor tinkle!

  1. Lemon With Salt: In Margarita And Rust

The best way to remove rust stains made by a metallic object is by rubbing a little lemon salt on the floor. Put the mixture on top of the stain and let it take effect for a while. Then rub. But be aware, this tip is not valid for marble because it can stain.

  1. Smooth Floors Like New: Soapy On Them

Who has never dragged a piece of furniture and ended up leaving its trail on the floor? Well then, the most superficial scratches can be easily removed with the help of a generic creamy soap. Apply the product and rub a little: this is usually enough. But if the scratches took off part of the enamel, the diagnosis could be more serious. And then there’s no other way: it just gets smooth again with the change of the piece.

  1. Home Foam: Renovating Your Carpets

Suppose you want to take care of your floor yourself, learn how to make your own stain remover. Over time, rugs and carpets tend to get stained, especially if you have the luxurious assistance of pets, children, and even less careful adults. In some situations, you need to hire a carpet cleaning service, but you can do it yourself for daily maintenance.

Luckily, there is a solution that you can do to reduce or even solve the problem. And here’s the recipe: beat, with the help of an electric mixer, a liter of cold water with a quarter of liquid detergent until foaming. Next, use a soft brush to gently rub this foam into the carpet fibers, making a circular motion over the stains. Then clean the product with a damp cloth and dry it with a hairdryer.

  1. Vinegar: In The Salad And Throughout The House

Vinegar is a natural neutralizer and disinfectant that can clean a variety of surfaces, including carpets. In addition to cleaning, it helps to eliminate unpleasant odors. Keep a clean spray bottle filled with undiluted vinegar, always using it on dirt. Then just let it dry naturally.

So now that we’ve shared our cleaning secrets with you have a nice try!

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