Top 5 Tips To Find The Best Internet Deals In Australia


Best Internet Deals

The internet is, for many Aussies, a part of daily life. The country has about 20 million internet users, with the internet penetration levels standing at a whopping 88% in January this year.

Typically, Australians spend 40 hours per week online on average. And if you are one such avid internet user, you need to look for the best internet deals Australia that balance all the attributes associated with your internet usage.

Leading consultants help you understand your requirements, and here’s how they suggest finding the best-suitable deals available on the Australian market.

  1. Check The Offered Speed Tiers

In Australia, the available average internet speed is around 40 Mbps. But requiring 6 Mbps for Zoom meetings and 25 Mbps for viewing ultra-high definition videos on OTT platforms, you need to ensure your current internet speed is adequate.

You will find speed tiers at 12, 25, 50, 100, up to 1000 Mbps. But top experts suggest looking for deals offering speed levels between 25 and 100 Mbps, best suitable for your daily needs.

Check if the deals provide fast speeds, whether traditional ADSL or the latest NBN connection.

  1. Check The Offered Download Limits

The latest studies suggest that most Aussies don’t consume more than 200 GB of data per month.

But depending on your data requirement, the download limit will vary. For example, if you rarely use the internet, the download limit required each month would be less. On the other hand, if you download loads of data every month or browse through content-heavy websites, you would possibly need a considerable download limit.

Experienced consultants help you assess the amount of data you typically download a month. You can then identify the right internet deals in Australia, offering the best-suitable download limits.

  1. Confirm The Contract Length

Various internet plans in Australia offer all sorts of contract lengths, usually ranging from 0 to 24 months.

You may choose an internet deal by comparing different plans based on the specified contract length. In addition, experts offer guidance to understand the terms and conditions of cancellation, including cancellation charges and reimbursements for unused data in the contract.

If you choose a deal offered on a 6 to 24 months-plan, checking the provider’s cancellation charges and outstanding hardware costs becomes all the more important. The reasons being, these are often charged per month for the remaining months of the contract, and it will help you move to a new plan when required, hassle-free.

  1. Check The Quoted Price

Though ACCC suggests your choice of ISP won’t influence your website browsing performance, you will need the fastest NBN plans if you do more with your internet. Of course, they will cost you more, but the best internet deals can get you a discount of at least AU$15 per month for the initial six months.

Top professionals will help you find deals offering more lucrative discounts, some even up to AU$40, ensuring you can take advantage of such options.

  1. Consult A Reputed Expert

While data download volume in Australia shot up from 500,000 TB to 4,000,000 TB in the last decade, the number of internet users has been forecasted to exceed 21.5 million by 2025.

If you use the internet extensively, reach out to a consultant to compare the best internet deals to make the most out of Australia’s positive internet usage trends.


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