Top 5 Tips to Keep in Mind While Installing Hot Water Services


During the winter, it becomes a necessity and essential to use hot water for daily uses. Therefore, it becomes important to have hot water services installed before the winter arrives. But before installing, there are quite a few factors that one needs to consider hot water service. To help you with the installation of hot water services, here are five tips that you must keep in mind while as you prep up for your winters:

  1. Type of Hot Water Services Would You Need

Hot Water Installation

Now that you have decided to install a hot water service, firstly you have to be clear about the kind of service you and your family member require. Mainly there are four types of hot water service, which are electrical, gas, solar and heat pump. By flow; there are two – storage tanks and continuous flow units. Now by your budget, your preferred fuel, storage, utilization, requirements, and other factors, you may choose what type of service will be the best suited for you.

  1. Mind the Space Around the System and the Height

Hot Water Services

While installing a hot water service, make sure that there is enough space around the system and between it and the wall so that later while maintenance, it can be easily inspected without any problem and all the parts are easily accessible. Also make sure that it is put up at a right height of about 6 feet from the ground (or 1.8 meters), to ensure proper water pressure so that you may get your hot water at full force.

  1. Keep in mind the Electrical Switches and Connections

Hot Water System Installation

Whether you decide on a storage tank type hot water service or the continuous flow type, make sure that you check the electrical connections and switches well before installing. Always ensure that your system uses a Miniature Circuit Breaker (also known as an MCB) which can easily cut off electricity in case there is a voltage fluctuation or any short circuit. This helps in prevention of any damage to your system and your house via a short circuit. Also, make sure that the switches are kept at such a place so that it stays out of the reach of children. And always use standard electrical equipment and wire. Do not try to do the wiring or connection by you; hiring a professional electrician is highly recommended.

  1. Employ a Licensed Plumber and a Certified Electrician

Plumber Services

Usually, when you purchase a hot water service from a reputed company, the company itself provides the services for installation. In that case, there is nothing to worry about. However, if somehow these services are not available, then you will have to hire a professional plumber and an electrician to get your hot water service installed. Installing a hot water service system is no child’s play. It takes highly skilled professionals to get the job done. Therefore, while hiring, make sure that both the plumber and the electrician are licensed and certified. Ask the plumber to check the pipelines beforehand and the electrician to check the electrical lines and if they are compatible or not.

  1. Check for Warranties

Hot Water Plumbing Services

A hot water service usually has a warranty of 5 to 10 years. Therefore, make sure you check the warranty period and the guarantee offered on the system. While at it, keep in mind that the anode rod inside the system lasts almost five years. So, keep checking the anode rods now and then and replace them whenever necessary. Maintenance of the overall apparatus is important to make sure that the system runs smoothly and lets you enjoy hot water without any interruption.

Now that you have decided to install your hot water services make sure you keep these five tips in mind while selecting and installing the system, so that you may go ahead and enjoy that comfortable and relaxing hot water without any worries.

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