Top 5 Ways To Encourage Kids To Do Their Chores Around The Home


Kids can be a handful. They can run around and play all day if they wish. Fortunately, you can take advantage of all that energy and channel it into something productive, like helping out in the house.

Doing chores is an excellent way to build your child’s character and help them understand what it means to be part of a family with mutual obligations. You can make different tasks, such as using the washer and dryer combo, more fun by incorporating games into the activities and offering a prize.

Here are five ways to encourage kids to do their household chores:

  1. Appeal To Their Intrinsic Need To Be Helpful

Kids Helping At Home

You should be aware that kids are natural helpers. They have an innate need to please their mommies, daddies, and siblings. Toddlers are particularly helpful, and they do this without ulterior motives. They just really want to help.

You can make the most out of this characteristic by including them in the household chores. They can start with something simple, like wiping the tables, before moving on to more complex tasks later. This will give them a sense of belongingness and responsibility when you finally allow them to complete their obligations on their own.

You may have also noticed how your kids have a sense of wanting to be productive. Accomplishing the tasks one by one can satisfy this drive and encourage them to continue being helpful.

  1. Make Them Observe As Often As Possible

Making a mess is inevitable. Lots of parents get annoyed when their children attempt to help and only end up making a bigger mess. However, instead of focusing on this challenging aspect, you must embrace it as part of your child’s development.

You can minimize the risk by having your kids start by observing how you wash the dishes or other chores. You can walk them through the steps on what to do and how to carry out each one correctly.

Often, parents become discouraged because they end up having to do more work than before. You can think of the energy you’re expending as an investment because you’ll have it easy once your children have been appropriately trained on their assigned chores.

  1. Turn Chores Into A Bonding Activity

Household Chores For Kids

Aside from making a mess, some parents also worry about their kids’ safety at home. This is why you should make household chores a bonding activity for you and your children. Instead of worrying about how you’ll manage to complete your to-do list for the day while watching your brood, you should bring them along with you and have them help out with the tasks.

For instance, if you’re doing the laundry, you can teach them how to fold the clothes. If folding is still too complicated, your young ones can sort the shirts and pants according to size, color, or ownership.

In washing the dishes, you can assign your kids to soap or rinse. They’ll enjoy it because it allows them to play with water with permission.

  1. Add The Element Of Surprise

If you find that your kids are getting bored with their assignments, you can shake things up by writing tasks on paper or Popsicle sticks and having them take one out of the pile. They can swap chores with their siblings, but only if both parties agree. This can help build your children’s anticipation and interest on the day ahead, especially if they get their favorite chore.

  1. Don’t Micromanage Them

As young as they are, children already have a sense of autonomy and creativity as well. After training them and guiding them on what to do, give them space to accomplish the tasks in their style. You’ll be surprised at the ingenuity of young children, and you may even learn something from them on how to think outside the box.

When you give your children the freedom to complete their chores at their pace and style, you show them that you trust them. This process is crucial and can be a determining factor on whether they would respond with confidence to their responsibilities in the future and froe to be self-reliant.


Children are natural helpers. Maximize this potential by allowing your kids to take responsibility for some household chores. They can start with something simple and work their way toward more complex tasks.

Make the process more motivating by appealing to their helpful nature and guiding them on the various chores. You should also work as a team and use the activity to bond. You can change up your routine every once in a while when you see that the kids are becoming bored with their chores. Lastly, don’t micromanage them. Give them the freedom to accomplish the tasks according to their pace and style.

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