Top 6 Advantages of Installing Vinyl Plank Floors

On August 26, 2016 by Himanshu Shah

Anybody who is taking up the home renovation project or building a new one, are faced with similar hurdles when it comes to flooring. With the range of flooring options available in the market where each serves their own purpose, it can become quite mind blogging to decide the best. In this case, the consultation of an interior decorator works wonders. If one does not feel the need for that, they can also refer to a quick guidance to learn about the various characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages of each flooring options.

Vinyl Plank Floors

One of the most popular flooring choices among consumers is the vinyl floors. Vinyl flooring comes in various forms but the popularly used is the vinyl planks. The growth in its demand has seen a hike like a skyrocket over the recent years and it is due to the contribution of certain factors. One being the growth of natural stuff on the tree, which many people, seek as they want a more nature-friendly option.

 Advantages of Vinyl Plank Flooring:

Vinyl Plank FloorsThe option of vinyl planks flooring system is used mostly giving its competitors a tough competition. While installing this particular flooring system in a home it is imperative and highly essential of being aware of its various strengths and weaknesses. One should never be hasty while making decisions regarding the flooring installations as it is always a hefty investment. Doing it right can make that investment one of the smartest and beneficial decision saving on lots of unnecessary costs. However, doing it wrong can prove to be one of the most troublesome decision with recurring problems and a running flow of expense. 

  1. Affordability The vinyl plank flooring is one of the cheapest and most affordable flooring options in the entire market of flooring installations. It gives the finish or wood or any other flooring at one of the most economical prices, contributing to its popularity.
  2. Resilience The vinyl plank floor gives one of the most durable and long lasting quality that any homeowner will dream of. It can provide durability for a long time of about thirty years at an average if maintained properly.
  3. Versatility The vinyl plank comes in a wide range of wood, graphite, bamboo, stone and other flooring textures and in an extensive array of colors, hues, and options. Hence, it is most useful and convenient to suit any eye that seeks vinyl plank flooring.
  4. Uniqueness One of the most unique and specific characteristics of a vinyl plank is that it is highly resistant towards This flooring system is absolutely waterproof thereby, allowing the installation not only in high traffic areas like the living and dining room or in one’s bedroom but also in the places where water is most probable to reach the floor like the bathroom and the kitchen. This flooring option is also suitable for outdoor patio and balconies.
  5. Maintenance The maintenance of the vinyl plank flooring is one of the easiest and most user-friendly. For repair, if any plank is damaged then one can simply take it off and put a new plank in its place. A regular dusting and cleaning using a vacuum and a periodical moping helps to maintain the quality and service for a long time.
  6. Not Green Since vinyl plank is made of PVC when burnt it releases harmful organic gasses and thus cannot be recycled.

Vinyl Plank FloorsThus, Plank vinyl flooring has skyrocketed in popularity recently due to its plank wood and resilient flooring.

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