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Kitchen Design

2022 will soon be upon us, which means not only a fresh new year but lots of new and exciting design inspiration. Today we’re looking at the hub of the home, the kitchen. To give you the heads up on what to expect regarding the latest trends, we spoke with the expert kitchen designers Essex, Matter Designs. Here are their design picks and ideas for 2022:

  1. Glazed Splash-Backs

Splashbacks are nothing new, but trends are now moving away from the usual gloss or matt finishes, with many now trying glazed tiles instead. Glazed tiles are more just an amazing design addition, too, as they’re incredibly functional in a kitchen, providing super easy cleaning and amazing lighting in your kitchen. Paired with materials such as rustic wood or marble, glazed tiles can create beautiful contrasts and incredible design features.

  1. Mixing Vintage & Antique

You’ve heard of mixing high street and designer, but what about mixing vintage and antique with contemporary features? By doing this, you immediately create a more lived-in appearance that will be a real focus for 2022. Think of mixing a vintage wooden dining table with contemporary cupboards and antique lighting. Add depth and character with ease.

  1. Glass Partitions

While the open plan is still popular, many are now being reminded of the benefits of smaller rooms. To still enjoy the light and airiness of open plan, however, people are making the most of glass partitions, offering the best of both worlds. Glass partitions can split the space but still allow the light to travel through.

  1. Layered Lighting

Lighting is always a challenge, but getting it right in the kitchen can be even harder. Layering lighting, however, will be so important in 2022 when it comes to designing kitchen specific lighting. When it comes to your lighting, think of it as being separate. Consider both task-specific lightings, over your countertops, for example, as well as mood lighting in other areas.

  1. Single Shelves

Design features needn’t be huge to make an impact. The single style open shelf is becoming a super popular option for 2022. It takes advantage of a minimal appearance, allowing you to leave space on the wall bare yet still highlights kitchen features such as spice jars and other pantry items. They can also be used in place of regular kitchen cupboards for a rustic look.

  1. Hidden Kitchens

Smaller spaces will be enjoying the benefits of hidden or concealed kitchens. This concealed look can help a kitchen maximise its space and make the most of a small but equally luxurious room. This also offers a flexible layout for those wanting to utilise the kitchen for dining too. Think floor to ceiling cupboards, hidden cooking areas, marble benchtops and handleless doors.

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