Top 7 Most Luxurious Private Jet Charter Interiors


Did you ever find yourself wondering how it would look to travel in style just like celebrities, flying with private jet companies and experiencing the luxurious service and the comfort of a luxury plane designed to fulfill all your desires while in the air? Let’s take a look and compare private jet charters to help you find the one whose interior and prices stand up to your needs.

  1. Villiers Jets

Villiers Jet

Villiers Jets is an independently owned company that offers private jet charters, shared flights, luxury properties, and private VIP options for 40.000 locations around the world. Experience a level of luxury that is hard to come by with stuff providing you with beverages, in-flight entertainment, WiFi, and custom onboard food, among other things. You will have access to lounge-style seating, champagne, and cocktails, a kitchen, as well as a private bed and bathroom. The cabin amenities differ based on the aircraft type. The cost of this private jet charter starts from $1,300 per hour, accepting payment in Bitcoin, bank transfer, or credit card. The only con about this company is that it is private aviation only.

  1. Americharter Private Jet Charter

Business Jet

This personal flight department offers you streamlined world-class service with luxurious cabins, excellent inflight meals, and seamless ground-to-air transitions that are all designed with the discerning traveller in mind. Starting your luxury vacation on a luxury plane allows you to experience the comfort tailored to fit all your needs. They specialize in large shipments, precious cargo, equipment, commodities, etc., and their mission is to provide 24/7 support. They offer a transfer of your precious goods such as live animals perishables that require specific climate-controlled conditions and equipment, vehicles, and any other commodities no matter the size and weight. However, this company seems to know how to keep a secret since there is no information available about a few important things starting from their license, contract details, reviews, leadership team, or even the list of airports they use. So if you decide to travel by this luxury private jet charter, prepare yourself for a surprise since the average cost of this private jet charter remains a mystery and, therefore, can vary.

  1. Wheels Up

A membership-only focused private charter company for clients throughout the US provides their customers with a choice to choose from light, mid-size, super mid-size, to large cabins, and enjoy! While always having flights available, they offer a significant range of safe and cost-effective aircraft, making sure to deliver exceptional, personalized experiences measured in time well spent. Charter private jet prices in this company start from $2,000 per hour for 10 US cities. If you decide to get to your luxury vacation destination using the services of this private jet charter, you will first have to become a member and then just choose your luxury plane!

  1. V2 Jets

This private jet company owns some of the most luxurious aircraft for those who live affluent lifestyles. Their private jet charters can get you anywhere in the world, offering you charter, jet card, and medical and letting you choose everything from super lightweight to ultra-long-range jets. Your travels will be smooth and seamless, with your personal cabin crew handling your accommodation and catering, giving you the feel of home up in the skies. A minimum of one hour of flight time is necessary, and the cost can be obtained upon request. The only downside is that this company makes a good match only for the lavish ones, offering mainly luxury aircraft at very high prices.

  1. Flexjet

Gulfstream G550 Cabin

There are more than 40 unique interiors designed, making sure to fit anyone’s taste making it a 0 cons company from cabins featuring a mix of smooth and distressed leather in warm, neutral tones, hand-sewn baseball stitching of two-toned leather seats to the striking blue and grey interior with classic blue accents and a silver linen window panel that add texture and style. The booking process is very easy, enabling you to request a flight through a mobile app which comes in handy for people on the go. The charter private jet prices can vary, starting from the lowest being $500 up to $1,000 per hour, depending on the aircraft.

  1. PrivateFly

Private Jet Interior

PrivateFly is a company that can take you anywhere your heart desires, from the US to Europe, offering some of the most luxurious aircraft such as the famous four seasons private jet – the Boeing 757. This beautiful black private jet is considered to be state of the art, giving the same level of comfort, service, and exclusivity as its eponymous brand has been created to ensure that passengers enjoy the route as much as the destination. Onboard, you’re provided with WiFi and on-demand entertainment to keep you connected, while its bicolor light system creates the perfect atmosphere. Choose your favorite wine while lounging on hand-stitched seats arranged in a way that provides plenty of space for you to relax. The cost of this private jet charter starts from $2,000 per hour and also gives the option of private jet rental.

  1. Luxury Aircraft Solutions

This aviation organization specializes in jet charter flights, aircraft sales, and aircraft management supplies a wide range of aircraft for different types of clientele, giving you a wide range of luxury private jets to choose from. Decide what matches your travel needs the best everywhere from a helicopter, piston, turbo-prop, very light jet, light jet, mid-size jet, super mid-size jet, heavy jets to commercial aircraft. It’s a private charter firm that specializes in private charters and also provides management, in-flight cuisine, and other high-end amenities. The cost of a private jet charter starts from $3,899 per hour. Accepting all the airports requested, this also appears to belong to a petite list of no cons companies.

Private jet companies are reaching new heights by lowering their prices as more people seem to choose this type of travel nowadays. Business travellers are becoming aware of practical uses of privet jets as it is less time-consuming since flights are being booked according to your personal needs.

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