Top 8 Lighting Ideas for Valentine’s Day!

On January 22, 2016 by Himanshu Shah

We are just a few weeks away from Valentine’s Day, the day of love, and it seems you are ready to make it real special for your beloved one. In addition to buying gifts, chocolates and flowers, lighting is a most important and sure-fire arsenal to revive your love with your partner.

In this post, we have presented you 8 most fantastic lighting ideas that will help you set your partner’s heart a flutter this Valentine Day. Let’s read on.

8 Great Ideas for Valentine Light Decor

  1. Lighting Up a Cardboard Pendant

Cardboard Pendant
If you have some unused cardboard boxes at home, you can unfold them and use them for creating a stack of similar pentagon-like shape. Make sure you have a measurement tape and a craft scissor handy so you can ensure all pieces are in same size and shape as shown in the image. Organize all pieces one after another forming a shape of the pendant.  When your masterpiece is ready, put an LED bulb to set it aglow.

  1. LED Candles to Reawaken The Passion of Love 

LED Candles

The vista and coziness created by candles help bring romance in the air and set your mood on fire. However, it’s certainly not wise to set your house on fire to fill the rekindle your love. Candle flames can heat up surrounding stuff; needless to say, how tedious it can be to remove that wax from the flooring or furniture piece.

This valentine day, you can break off the tradition and try the battery operated or plug-in based LED candles. Trust me, this won’t make your compromise on the ambiance. In fact, the red and white colored LED candles will not fail to impress your partner. Search the web and you will find a great variety of led candles, lights, and bulbs to choose from.

Lighting Hearts

  1. Glowing Paper Hearts are a Bundle of Joy

You will need to shop doilies from any nearby grocery store, if you don’t have some at the home. Pick only the ones and red and white color. Next, prepare a string of heart shaped paper doilies using a wire and then put red mini lights to set them aglow. You can hang this creative piece across a window frame, door frame or at any other place in your house.

Heart With LightsGreen Wire Lights for a Rustic Valentine Celebration

If you want to create rustic ambiance this valentine day, hang red paper crafted hearts on green wire mini Led lights. You can add the creative piece to your dinner table for bring that shine and glitter to your dining experience on that special day. 

Candle Light DinnerA Beautiful Candle Light Dinner Arrangement at Home 

Instead of taking your spouse to the best candle light dinner restaurant in the town, planning candle light at own home seems to be more romantic gesture.  To make your partner feel more special, keep it a secret till she/he arrives home. While it is great to prepare some delicious dishes on own, if you don’t end up having ample time for cooking post your DIY decoration project then you can also order the food from outside and serve it ready.

If you have a beautiful outdoor space surrounded by trees or plants, plan your dinner there. Wrap up tree branches or plants with cozy white LEDs and mini lights. Hang paper lanterns or lamps from tree branches that lighten up using Led bulbs for a perfect romantic setting. If you are in a relationship for many years, cherish your golden memories that you have created together. And if this is the first valentine day celebration for you, make it a lifetime memorable experience for her.

 Gleaming HeartsA Gleaming Heart Speaks a Lot! 

If you are short on time for your DIY valentine lighting project, getting some off-the-shelf Led hearts makes complete sense. Alternatively, you can also use red mini Led string to shape a heart. Look for valentine lights online and you will find a great variety of LED lights that can best fit your design idea.  A glowing heart placed well will speak in volume about your love and feelings! 

Light Up Flowers!

Instead of giving a simple flower bouquet or hanging plain green garlands and wreaths near the stairs or in the front porch, you can add some pop into your gifts and decor with battery powered mini Led lights. Mini Leds can be easily inserted into flower bouquet or any other greenery and add a sparkling touch. 

Led Strip to Highlight the Valuables LED Strip

Led strip lights are so flexible that you can use them to a create heart, star or any other shape. These lighted LED strands can also be used to highlight photo frame, a wall decor, a furniture piece or any other valuable in the house. If you have an empty bottle of wine or champagne at home, put fairy lights into it and surround it with a flower arrangement.

Hope these ideas will help you create stunning visual effects to your valentine day decor.

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