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Condos In Braintree

Braintree, a suburban community in Massachusetts, holds a solid residential position in what locals refer to as Boston’s South Shore. The town sits at the crossing of routes I-93 and Route 3, providing easy access to the Greater Boston Area. On the other hand, its residents can visit enticing vacation destinations, such as Cape Cod, in just over an hour’s drive.

But to enjoy the offerings of Braintree to the fullest, having a beautiful place you can call home in this town is a must. And there could be nothing better than finding a condo in a well-connected neighbourhood. Top real estate experts list Braintree MA condos will help you find attractive and affordable properties. Here are the best areas they suggest exploring to buy condos in Braintree.

Braintree Highlands

It’s a relatively newer neighbourhood, with houses built in the year 2000 or more recently. The real estate here primarily includes medium-sized condos and a few apartment complexes, with the median real estate price being about $535k.

The residents of Braintree Highlands are pretty wealthy, making it count among the 15% highest income neighbourhoods in the country, giving an upscale vibe to your condo.

Top consults can find you condos in Braintree Highlands. They ensure you don’t have to spend over 45 minutes commuting one way to work, which about 34% of working residents in this region typically take.

South Braintree

It is a perfect location to settle in a three- or four-bedroom condo. While most dwellings are old, there are residences constructed recently as well.

This posh neighbourhood has the median home price standing at over $546k, which is more expensive than 64.5% of the areas in the state.

Most residents in South Braintree, about 69%, drive alone in private vehicles to get to work. Experts list the best Braintree MA condos, which you can find quite alluring if you own a car for getting to work.

East Braintree

Many of the dwellings in this area are relatively historic, built before 1939. And that explains a lower median real estate pricing of $482k.

But the real estate demand in East Braintree is above the US average, indicating prospects of new constructions, such as contemporary condos, within an affordable budget. And as 40% of the working population works in executive, management, and professional occupation, they earn well, giving the area a plush appeal.

Experts recommend picking this area for your condo if you can travel between 15 to 30 minutes one-way to work.

West Street/Washington Street

Though most residences in this community are old, built before 1969, it is slightly pricey. You will find condos at a median price of about $611k.

Nearly 50% of the workforce is in executive occupations, and 20%, employed in service jobs. These statistics suggest that this area has a higher income than 86% of the communities in the US.

Leading real estate consultants can show you condos in this neighbourhood, ensuring you don’t spend hours in your daily commute to work. But you will find the condo options beneficial and cost-effective if you own a private automobile.

Union Street/Liberty Street

It is one of the most costly areas in Braintree, with the median home price being a whopping $620k.

However, the current vacancy rate across this region is 3.1%, making the housing supply very tight than the demand for condos.

Top professionals will list plush condos in this stretch if you can manage a daily one-way commute of 30 to 45 minutes.

Consult A Reputed Real Estate Specialist

Braintree has an exceptional Livability Score of 81 out of 100. But the coronavirus pandemic has pushed the home prices here, higher up 12.2% for January 2021 compared with the same time in 2020.

So, to find an affordable condo in such an expensive real estate market, reach out to an experienced consultant. Rest assured, you will strike a profitable deal and settle in an affluent neighbourhood in Braintree.

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