Top Art Ideas For A Christian Home


Top Art Ideas For A Christian Home

Expressions via visual cues have always helped man to understand his surroundings and leave his interpretation of life on a tactile surface. There have been many cases where drawings left by our prehistoric ancestors are found in caves and the form of carvings. Art, especially religious art, is constantly seen throughout the life of the Church and is an essential Church going members.

Religious Art

Having busts of Christ or depictions of a supernatural occurrence gives validity to that moment by allowing it to be seen and experienced with each viewing. Having a piece of religious art in a prominent place of one’s home shows love and devotion to God and a willingness to testify about Him with every neighbor, friend, or acquaintance hosted.

Do You Prefer Impressionism Or Abstract Expressionism?

Do you prefer Impressionism or Abstract Expressionism?

Paintings are affected by the movement of the day and the new mediums of self-expression discovered by the most visionary artist or artists of the period. The movement selected can determine the conversation had when a piece is brought. Taking the time to research the classics as well as more modern pieces can greatly shape the aura brought to your home. Just as with good food, good art is relative to the eye of the beholder. Therefore, do not be afraid to experiment with different movements until the one which fits you the most is found.

The Next Step

Goodness Mercy

Joy In Your Presence

Thanks to the ever-expansive gifts that the Lord bestows on His people, Christian art is not only limited to paper-based paintings and interpretations of events. Mediums such as metal and wood are often used in the expression of one’s love for God.

Veering completely off the painted path, other wall-mounted suggestions can bring God’s light to a room. Bible verses and sayings are being personalized and placed all over some homes.

If Painting Or Sayings Are Overrated

Calendar 2018

For the person who prefers not to have wall space used for art, sculptures, ornaments, tapestry, kitchenware, and even the odd calendar can be just as effective in beautifying a home.

The one concern for the 3-D Christian art lover has adequate space in a home that would allow for the piece to be both visible and safe. Homes tend to be very active locations, especially if a child or many children find themselves as residents; therefore, buying a breakable porcelain figurine may be a bad idea.

Remember God in All Things

Statue With Blue Cross

While the options to beautify one’s home are plentiful and varied in form structure and style, there is one very important rule that must be remembered above all. The Bible has instructed us in Exodus to never take onto ourselves idols and effigies lest we forget that Lord our God is jealous. Before any purchases are to be made, first take the time to seek the Lord and know His will so that his peace and protection will reside with you and your family until the end of days.

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