Top Benefits Of Solar Energy For Commercial Buildings


Solar Energy For Commercial Buildings

Commercial solar installation in Brisbane is widespread. You’ll notice the units on the rooftops of factories, stores, and buildings as well as bus depots and school parking lots.

Solar energy is widely embraced in Australia and across the globe – for the right reasons. Many industrial and commercial property owners realize the incredible cost-saving benefits that come with installing these systems. Besides, most corporations have extensive manufacturing facilities with expansive flat roof surfaces or open spaces that make solar panel installation ideal.

Of course, the unit size for most industrial and commercial installations is often considerably larger than a typical residential system. So, a business unit will have several megawatts than a residential one, depending on the power supply needs of the facility. If you are considering commercial solar installation in Brisbane, however, it is in your best interest to work with an experienced contractor who will help you analyze your electricity needs and pick the right system that will serve your needs. He or she will also help with the installation as well as any other solar panel, need that you may have.

With that in mind, here are the top benefits of solar energy for commercial buildings:

Great Return On Investment

Solar panels allow you to tap into solar energy. And since the sun is a natural source of energy, you won’t have to pay to use consistently. With the units in place, you will enjoy electricity without having to worry about the piling bills. So, once you make an initial investment of buying and installing the unit, there’s not much cost that needs to go in.

Little To No Maintenance

This point goes hand in hand with the initial one – since solar panels require low maintenance throughout their lifespan, you won’t need to pay someone to maintain it. Again, solar panels have no moving parts, so the breakdown is highly unlikely. This means you won’t have to replace parts very often. Ideally, commercial solar units are maintenance-free – and the structure of the commercial building makes them easy to access. The solar units are covered with tempered, protective glass, encased by non-corrosive aluminium. They are designed to withstand the harshest climatic conditions, including snow, wind, hail, and rain.

Lower Overall Cost Of Installation

Thanks to the government’s financial incentives, your initial investment in solar panels for business is greatly minimized by subsidized systems as well as access to solar technology. In some areas in Brisbane, there is even the financial incentive to install the systems.

Improve Your Brand Image

A growing number of people are shifting their focus towards sustainable and green future. When you install solar panels, you can appeal to this group of people who get the impression you are sensitive to the environment. But that’s not all there is. Having solar panel units shows prospects and clients that you are not just in it for profits, but to also give them better solutions. It also shows your investors and shareholders how invested in the business you are.

Gives You Control Of Future Energy Bills

It is hard to predict how future electricity costs will be. But rather than sitting and hoping for the best, you can install solar panels and be in control of your future energy bills. Solar units give you the power to predict how your energy costs will be in the coming days. Based on your current expenses, you will be able to project what’s coming and plan accordingly. And due to the nature of solar power, your systems may generate more energy than you need on a day to day basis. So, you may be able to send the surplus energy to the primary electric grid and draw it later on when needed, like on overcast days or at night.

Net Metering

Still, on producing surplus energy than you need – a majority of utility companies in Australia use the net metering process to gauge the electricity bill for clients like you. When you send excess energy to the grid, your account gets credited for that energy. So, whenever you need to get power from the grid at a later time, the credits are transferred to your energy charges. This means more savings to you and your business.

Cut Down On Electric Costs

Electricity bill is one of the significant expenses that many commercial buildings deal with every month. And while you can try to limit the amount of electricity that your team uses, it’s difficult to lower your energy costs to low. But with solar panels in place, you get to reduce your energy costs dramatically. You even get to enjoy more savings, considering the amount of sun that shines every other day.


Commercial solar systems make a perfect sense for both small and large businesses. If you hadn’t thought about embracing them for your building, then this is the best time to discover how the financial opportunities that you’ve been missing.


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