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Interior design has become one of the essential factors in the market value of condos.

Families’ attitudes have shifted toward modern and comfortable designs. On the other hand, with the never-ending increase in prices in the real estate industry, people are forced to buy small condos. In such situations, they might not have all the things they want for a comfortable life.

So interior design and decoration are of great importance. Designers have to place things meticulously so that there is room for all stuff.

Traditional methods of designing are no longer useful in this situation, and designers should think of modern solutions. Fortunately, there is a tool for each need these days, and interior design is no exception.

With computer programs, designers will optimize their designs and reach a final decoration that every single inch will be of use.

These tools make the designing process straightforward, so even mediocre designers with minimum experience can design modern decorations.

Another important aspect of these tools is when it comes to condo assignment deals. When the building is not constructed, the results of 3D designs from these tools can give buyers an insight into what they’re buying.

If you’re one of those who wish to become a good designer, you’d better read the following article and become familiar with top interior design software programs.

Autodesk Auto CAD LT

Autodesk is undoubtedly the most famous company in the realm of design software programs.

AutoCAD LT is one of their tools helping engineers, interior designers, architects, and generally all professionals with a unique environment for designing.

One of the greatest features of this tool is that you can use it online without even installing it. It has a web version that lets you work on all sketches using any computer.

You can also use its mobile app to view, annotate, edit, and create drawings. This lets you work even when you’re offline.

Sketch Up Pro

This tool was originally by Last Software, Google, and is now one of the most popular design features in the world.

Using this tool, design professionals have anything they want from a 3D modeling software program, from traditional decoration to contemporary ones.

You can first create detailed drawings in 2D and then customized them with any style and materials you want.

SketchUp can use virtual reality apps so that every customer can walk through the buildings. This is a great feature that lets people choose what exactly they want even without seeing the constructed projects.

Turbo CAD

TurboCAD is useful for experienced 2D or 3D CAD designers, offering them parametric architectural objects, elevations, and sections.

It’s available for both Mac and Windows users and has recently been considered a powerful alternative to Auto CAD LT.

Of course, this is a huge claim but TurboCAD’s great features like powerful presentations, Internal and external database connectivity, and file-sharing options have drawn the attention of many users.

Autodesk 3ds Max

Another fantastic feature presented by Autodesk: 3ds MAX.

If you want to experience a beautiful design environment with high-tech details, you can’t find better software programs.

Offering superb graphics, 3D animations, a variety of models, and stunning visualization capabilities, 3ds Max has become one of the most popular design tools in the world. This tool is now compatible with Windows only, but its advantages outweigh this drawback.

Archicad 23

The next tool is a famous name in the realm of rendering software programs. Archicad has been developed by Graphisoft and is best for designers who want to focus on interior designs.

Using it, you can have accurate construction details along with an estimation of quantities of building materials.

Easy Home Styler

The home styler is best for those who want a lightweight tool specifically for interior design. With this free design tool, even beginners can easily create 2D and 3D floor plans with accurate measurements.

It has a great library consisting of thousands of products to help you with home decors. You can choose different paint, furnishings, flooring, and art. The items you select will be placed in your project on a 1:1 scale, but you can easily change them later.


Infurnia is another web-based design platform and is perfect for architects, interior designers, and even vendors.

It provides you with fully detailed floor plans and multilayered walls, along with advanced flooring and roofing.

Moreover, false ceiling and also customizable staircase features are offered by this tool. You can easily convert your 2D plans into 3D ones and have elevation views instantly.

Floor Planner

Floorplanner is the last tool on our list. It was developed in 2007 with the purpose of creating a simpler and lighter 3D model tool.

It was one of the first web-based 2D and 3D planning tools in the world and has been able to gain more than 25 million users worldwide.

With Floorplanner, you can either import an existing drawing or start from scratch. A great feature of this tool is that you can easily export a photorealistic image of any room and then create interactive flythroughs for your customers.

The Bottom Line

Nowadays, it is a must for every designer and homer decorator to use design software programs. Thanks to web-based platforms, you even don’t need an expensive computer for many designs. It’s recommended to work with several tools to be able to master all features of interior design and decoration.

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