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Bathroom Window

One of the most used areas of your home is the bathroom. Interestingly, it often takes the back burner when it comes to styling it. Since this space is an essential place in your home, it is worth investing some thought into decorating and styling it.

Whether you are considering a simple, functional space or a stylish personal space, privacy is the first thing to consider when dressing up a bathroom. Achieving privacy in your bathroom depends largely on your bathroom window treatments.

Whether choosing curtains or custom roman shades and blinds, when deciding on the best window treatments for your bathroom, there are specific things to consider. In this post, we put together top considerations that will help you make informed decisions on your bathroom window treatments. Let’s get right into the exciting details!

What Factors Should You Consider When Choosing Window Treatments For Your Bathroom?

  • Utmost Privacy

While your privacy is crucial in every part of your home, you need it more in the bathroom. Therefore, your window treatments should be easy to close to prevent anyone from peering through the windows.

This may not be a big issue if you live in a second story with your bathroom window facing a tall, vibrant tree. However, if you live on the first floor and your bathroom window is facing your neighbor’s home or the street, you should prioritize privacy when choosing bathroom window treatments. This means your curtains or blinds should be easy to operate and also be made from thick materials.

  • Choose Window Treatments That Complement The Interiors

While trying to find the perfect curtains for your bathroom, you must remember that the style of your bathroom décor should contribute to your choice of curtains. For instance, if you have a farmhouse bathroom décor, consider using linen roman shades to add elegance to the space. A Scandinavian bathroom will look perfect with white rod-pocket sheers.

If your bathroom features a modern acrylic tub shower, cellular blinds will add a touch of sophistication to the space. A Clawfoot tub in your bathroom will look exquisite with valances complemented with ornate tassel trims.

  • Light Inflow

While privacy is of utmost importance, you should also consider the light inflow into your bathroom. Natural light inflow is essential for hygiene. Therefore, you should try to find a balance between maintaining privacy and allowing light inflow into your bathroom.

You should consider choosing window treatments that let ample light and air into your bathroom when open and ensures privacy when closed. For example, if your bathroom is dark, consider mounting your blinds outside the window frame a few inches higher than the frame itself. This will allow your shades and blinds to clear the window completely when fully rolled up, letting in maximum light.

  • Ease Of Maintenance

Bathrooms experience a high humidity level, which makes them susceptible to the growth of mildew and mold. You can make the situation worse when you choose the wrong window treatment materials.

For example, you should skip hardwood shutters and shades for your bathroom because the heat and humidity will make them warp, peel, or crack with time. Instead, choose materials that are not porous for the least water absorption.

The least porous materials will also dry faster, discourage mold formation, and be easy to wash. Good examples of such materials include blinds with faux wood and custom drapes made with man-made fibers.

  • Consider The Distance Between Your Window And The Wet Area

This is another important consideration when choosing bathroom window treatments. How far is your bathroom window from the wet area? If you have ample distance between both, the chance of exposing your window treatment to humid air and damp floors is limited but not impossible.

When your window is further from the wet area, you have more options of window styles and materials to explore, such as floor-length drapery. If you have a small bathroom, this will be a bad choice. But if you have a large bathroom with a window further away from the wet area, floor-length drapery will introduce a measure of softness to the stark space.

  • Stretching vs. Shrinking Fabric

When selecting the fabrics for your bathroom window treatments, consider the stability of the materials. A lot of fabrics stretch or shrink when they come in contact with water. As it is, bathrooms are synonymous with water, and they are the center of humidity in your home.

With time, the drapes or shades you choose can outgrow the needed length having sagging contracts or protrudes, which can be quite distasteful. If you have a small bathroom, consider man-made fibers, such as polyesters. That is because they usually do not shrink or stretch. They dry faster and can withstand mildew and mold.

If you have a bigger bathroom, you can consider natural materials, such as lightweight cotton. Irrespective of the size of your bathroom, you should stay off heavy fabrics like velvets because they retain moisture and are susceptible to the buildup of mildew.


These are the most important factors to consider when choosing your bathroom window treatments. As a recap, consider privacy, light inflow, maintenance, bathroom décor, the distance between your window and wet area, and appropriate fabric. Choose your window treatments based on these factors, and you will have a problem-free bathroom window.

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