Top Five Elegant Hand Crafted Roman Shades Window Treatments


Finding the right treatment for your windows is not always easy. You need to pick something that will complement your existing décor, go with the style of your home and should last for several years.

Choosing the right window treatments generally means avoiding the cheapest options to get the quality and durability that you need. It’s the same qualities that justify the higher price and make them a valuable investment.

This is undoubtedly true when choosing the right Roman Shades supplier. If you’re interested in improving the look and functionality of your windows then these Roman shade window treatments are exactly what you need:

  1. Flat

Flat Window Treatments

This is probably the image that comes first to mind when you think of Roman shades. The finish is flat and usually just one color. White or a pale pastel is one of the most popular choices because it can fit without almost any décor and will last when you redecorate.

The shades bunch in layers at the bottom edge when they’re up creating a nice flow to your window.

  1. Hobbled

Hobbled Window Treatment

In contrast to the flat Roman shade, the hobbled one looks like the fabric has been staggered all the way down. In some ways, it almost seems like 5 or 6 different blinds. These are an excellent option to break you the wall; especially if you don’t have a lot of wall space for pictures or other effects.

Hobbled Roman shades can come in a vast array of colors and patterns; depending on what you need.

  1. Flat With Ribs

Flat With Ribs

This type of Roman shade tends to be a little thinner, but this doesn’t mean the quality is any less. Thin pieces of string or cord support the more lightweight material. These created a ribbed effect throughout the blind.

While these may let a little more light in than some types of Roman shades, they also look very stylish and can help break up the shade. This is particularly useful if you’re covering a door or large window area.

  1. Butterfly

Butterfly Roman Shade

The butterfly Roman shade will have a curved effect at the bottom. There will be two curved sections meeting in the middle. This creates the same effect as the edge of a butterfly’s wings.

Again this style is usually plain in texture as the curve at the bottom creates the desired effect for your room.

These are a great way of letting in a little light while still having the shade down.

They are also very effective when up at creating an ambiance and style in your room.

  1. Relaxed

Relaxed Roman Shade

The relaxed Roman shade is the most casual of all of them but still has an understated elegance.

This type of shade may have a curved base and have several layers gathering at the bottom; even when the shade is down. The curve will cover the whole width of the shade, not meet in the middle like the butterfly shade.

Now you know the best five elegant Roman shades you merely need to pick your favorite and get it fixed onto your window.

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