Top Five Plants For Your Kid’s Room


Plants For Your Kid’s Room

Primarily plants are essential as they support human and animal existence by providing vital oxygen and taking up carbon dioxide. Inside the house, plants do more than help clean the air; they increase the beauty and appeal and have been known to boost moods, making them a great kids room item, especially if you have teenagers.

Before making a plant part of the kid’s room accessories, many factors may help influence the plant’s lifespan and the child’s attitude towards the plant. These factors include the ease of growing the plant, the fun involved, and the plant’s safety regarding poison and risk of harm to the child.

The star anise is an ideal plant, though very rare. Nellie Rodriguez, the expert from, says that substitutes for star anise are available as the plant is hard to come by. Some of these substitutes include all cloves, fennel seeds, and whole cloves.

So, which are some of the best plants you can get for your kids’ room?

Let’s take a look.

  1. Violets

Violet Bed

One of the best house plants for your child’s room is the violet flower plant. Apart from its beautiful variety of colors and presentation, the flower has a gorgeous smell, which will help freshen the air, plus it is not poisonous in case the child ingests it. On the contrary, it is edible and has been part of several delicacies, such as candy violets.

There are so many varieties of violet species, growing wild in mainly colder areas, with a hardy attitude that makes them easy to grow and care for.

The violet will best function as a flower pot indoor plant in your kids’ room as you can easily move them around and manage their growth pattern more intimately, as you can influence their environment.

You can get various violets, including single or double-flowered violets, Star-shaped, and violets with ruffled or fringed edges.

  1. Sunflower

Sunflower Field

Sunflowers are another amazing house plant to grow for your kids. The plant grows fast, and the product is a huge dramatic flower well worth the hassle. Two of the best sunflower plants to grow include the Paul Bunyan and the Mammoth, which can grow in a container.

If you plant a sunflower in your kid’s room, the best advice would be to ensure you leave enough space for it to grow. Ensure it is on the floor somewhere, with enough room to actualize its full glory.

The sunflower plant grows extremely quickly and will need you to measure the size of the stalk weekly; this may be an interesting activity for your kid, as it will ensure they have some interaction with the plant as it grows.

Apart from being big, colorful, and beautiful, a sunflower plant is a great kid’s room flower as it could also be used to juice up your child’s creativity. Once grown, the seeds from the plant are an amazing art and craft material. Mostly in college, the seeds can be a vital ingredient to an art piece.

Do your kids love animals and nature? Get them a sunflower plant and teach them to feed birds with the sunflower seed, and watch as more and more birds fill your compound.

  1. Catnip

There are a couple of things you should consider before getting a plant for your kids’ room. The plants should provide sensory satisfaction to the child through their nose or eyes, as it is both beautiful and pleasant smelling.

Catnip or Nepeta cataria, as the sciences would have it, is not only amazing for the child’s room but will also make your cat go bonkers. Cat people should not be surprised if their pet goes a bit crazy while playing with the plant.

The plant grows up to around 3 feet tall, and if not well taken care of and pruned, it may be quite invasive as it grows like a weed. Due to its growth pattern, it can be an amazing kid’s room art project, where the child can grow creatively.

The plant does well in most areas, with bigger plants in sunny areas and the smaller ones in the more shaded areas of the house. Try and keep your cat away from the plant, as it may end up spoiling the whole plant; however, a bit of play and interaction may not be so bad.

  1. Fiddle Leaf Fig

This is another amazing non-toxic plant for your kids’ room. The plant has graced the cover of magazines and television, not to mention the several blogs all dedicated to the amazing experience that is the Fiddle Leaf Fig. It is a must-have if you plan on planting a flower in your kid’s room.

Also referred to as a Ficus Lyrata are a fragrant and appealing plant that will surely add some life wherever it is planted. It comes with huge leaves, which require a lot of sunlight to thrive. The plant is best placed in a spot close to a window or somewhere with access to the outdoor environment.

Naturally, the plant can be found on the jungle understory and will thrive in almost any condition, making it a favorite among house plants. The plant is best placed on a plate filled with pebbles and water to help it trap more humidity. Everything else, including temperature, light, and water, should be provided at a moderate level, not so much or too little.

The plant does not need as much attention, meaning it does not take so much to thrive, making it perfect for a child’s room.

  1. Gerber Daisy

Gerber Daisy

The Gerber Daisy or the Gerbera is another amazing plant to incorporate into kids’ room ideas. The plant is an ethereal type of plant with quite the demanding type of care. The plant is best left for the more passionate kind of child who loves plants and will take time to take care of them.

The plant makes a list as it is a unique eye candy that helps make a room appear more vibrant and beautiful. However, it will not last long and will eventually wither and die, whether or not you provided the best conditions for it. The plant is mainly grown and pampered in greenhouse conditions, which are impossible to replicate.

It is affordable at $5, meaning it will not be a loss even after withering.

The plant is not only beautiful but will also help remove pollutants from the air.


Before settling on a plant for a child’s room, ensure you are aware of its requirements and get something your child will like, as it will help encourage them to take care of it. If you have a child named after a flower, a great tip would be to buy them the plant matching their names as it may be a great way to get them interested in the plant.

Go out and get your kid a plant for their room. You may find it is the thing you need to bond and teach your child something. If you have more plant ideas for kids, feel free to share them with us in the comment box below.

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