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Best Trends In Interior Design

It’s no joke designing your house from the inside. A lot of things might get mixed up and cause alarm towards your visitors. Randomly placing items can also have adverse effects on the owner. For example, choosing colours without knowing their impact on behaviour and mood can either exacerbate a situation that’s already worse, or it could “sour down” the festivities.

Indeed, people should follow the trends so as not to look far out and left behind. 2016 was the year where woven wall decors and Scandinavian themed designs dominated the interior designing world.

In today’s trends, creating a design for a room is comfortable and thankfully does not require an entire overhaul. Here are some of today’s most chic and inspiring trends in interior designing.

Artisan-customized Furniture

Outdoor Furniture

An ever-popular trend in choosing furniture or outdoor furniture is opting for more cheaply but intricately made furniture. A buyer can have more control in personalising their design, especially if they prefer the services of a seasoned artisan. Furniture crafted by such talented people has a feeling of grandeur comparable to marvellous works of art.


Energy Efficient Interior Lighting

The best items and furniture inside the house is nothing without light to show it off. Light is considered an accessory for an owner to exhibit their pieces to visitors, family, and friends. For bedrooms, an excellent bedside lamp can highlight the headboard of the bed or any centrepiece within the room.

Going Green

Going Green

Green is an emotionally powerful colour. The colour also represents health and development. It makes perfect sense for an owner to incorporate new shades of green on the interior. The most picked colours are lime green and emerald, which also bring a luxurious and sophisticated look to a dull and ugly interior.

Tropical Designs

Tropical Designs

All the fashion juggernauts like Marc Jacobs, Emanuel Ungaro, and Prada love experimenting with tropically themed designs in their couture. More often, wallpaper printing often goes along with the latest fashion trends.

Most of the time, people are afraid to try out tropical prints. To make such designs work, a plain sofa for a lounge collaborates with such loud and expressive designs such as tropical themes. Mix it up with pillows to enhance the overall look of conception.

Brass and Marble

Marble continues to be as trendy as always. Having top marble tables often make a space look elegant and luxurious. Wealthy and famous individuals often enjoy having marble themed furniture inside their homes because of how good it seems within kitchens and baths.

Brass is also a mainstay inside living rooms because of its glow. Brass best magnifies floral themed couches and chairs.


Grayish Background Wall

Although Gray was one of the most prominent colours of 2016, it will continue it’s dominating trend throughout 2017. Gray is a highly sought after colour because of its ability to accentuate and complement a lot of colours such as red and yellow.


Bronze Faucet

An ode to the classic, bronze is a perfect colour to show off, especially when there’s a right amount of lighting. Bronze also complements a lot of interior designing styles. Items such as lamps, decorative kitchen wares, and other stuff can get a lot more attention if they have shades of bronze with them.


Although trends in almost every field regularly change, those involved in the world of interior designing are more consistent. For example, patterns that were considered fresh and fabulous way back 2016 are still excellent choices for today.

Timeless classics such as bronze, green, marble, and brass all have qualities and looks that the wealthy and famous associate themselves. Marble tabletops, for example, are still widely regarded as luxury items. Another emerging trend is custom-built furniture. These crafted items are comparable to the magnificent works of arts.

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