Top Lighting Trends That Every Trendy Homeowner Should Know


Top Lighting Trends to Brighten Homes In The Coming Year

The right kind of lighting can enhance the look and feel of your living space. That said, you may need to revamp your home lighting from time to time to keep up with the latest lighting trends.

Why so?

Because outdated light designs can pull down your home ambiance in a big way.

So, what are the lighting trends that will dominate in the coming years?

Read on to find the answer.

Top Trend #1: Revival of Vintage Lights

Vintage light designs stand out for their old-world charm and grace. They will gain in popularity in the coming years, even with younger customers.

If you intend to invest in vintage lights, ensure that they go well with your room decor. These lights look best with handcrafted Victorian furnishings.

Top Trend #2: Industrial Lights Enter The Homes

For a raw, rustic vibe, industrial light designs are the ideal choice. Typically constituted of black metal fittings, these smart lights will find a place in every home.

If industrial lights are your pick, opt for the ones with varied tones. Match the tones to the rest of your furnishings to get a harmonious look.

Top Trend #3: Clean Designs Will Be A Rage

While there is still good demand for elaborate chandelier designs, minimalistic designs are rising in popularity. These sleek, modern designs are easy to install and maintain. They look perfect in modern homes and are more affordable than crystal chandeliers.

If minimalist lights are your pick, explore designs like sputnik and starburst. Combine distressed wood frames with metal accents to get a boho-chic vibe.

Top Trend #4: Beat The Blues With Wall Sconces

Versatile wall sconces add soft ambient light to dark walls and corners. In the coming year, they will be used a lot, especially in combination with ceiling lights.

For a modern yet classy look, you can opt for brass wall sconces holding exposed Edison bulbs or LED lights. Experiment with different primary materials and shapes to give your living space a unique personality.

Interested To Learn More Trends?

If none of the four trends above match your aesthetics, you can check out more lighting trends in this infographic by Claxy.

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