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Apex Real Estate

We are always looking for opportunities to move out. It might not be a possibility for some people to do so since they are already entrenched in their current location. Others do not have any other choice.

Based on Medium.Com, some might already be so used to their current location that they cannot find anywhere else better. However, for those who are not satisfied with their current living conditions, one option that you can take is to move somewhere else. This might seem to be complicated, but there are many options that you can take.

Moving Into NC

North Carolina Real Estate

One of the states that you can move into is North Carolina. Many people, especially in the bigger states and cities, believe that this is just the backcountry. Nothing happens here, and you would only see grass and cows.

First of all, that seems to be another state. Second, there has been a lot of growth and improvement in the state, especially in the technological and business fields. You can always find a home here as well as it is considerably more affordable. The town of Apex is one of the best in the state.

It is one of the booming parts of the state because of its vicinity with the capital. It is just outside the city, which makes it easy to navigate. This means that you will not be missing out on the city life that you were used to in your previous residence.

However, you will have the advantage of being in a quieter neighborhood. Most North Carolinians are laid-back and friendly people. You would have an easy time integrating into their culture and society. On the other hand, you would still have the feel of city life if you want. It is a perfect balance, and that’s a rare place here in the US.

There are many constructed places that you can choose from in the town. However, we have compiled some of the best that you can check out first.

Best Neighborhoods NC

Bella Casa

Bella Casa NC Home

If you have children going to high school, then it would be best to live here. It is near to one of the high schools in town, the Friendship High School. Better yet, your children can just walk to school without any kind of problems. You would be saving some money from gas expenses, while your children get their much-needed exercise. Aside from this, there are also many blocks to choose from since there are still vacant spots. You would have more freedom to decide where you want to live.

Greyhawk Landing

Greyhawk Real Estate

On the other hand, Greyhawk Landing would be your choice if you have a higher budget.

In this area, most of the properties range from half a million dollars onwards. It might seem like an enormous amount of money, but you will be rewarded with the best and largest Apex homes in town. You would not need to worry about space, especially if you have a lot of family members. It is also still in the Apex vicinity, so you would not need to be too far from the main town.

Salem Village

Salem Village Real Estate

Meanwhile, you can choose Salem Village if you are looking for better amenities. They do have a pool, fitness center, tennis and basketball courts. Also, they have a lot of places that you can run around and exercise in. If you are an active kind of family, then this location might be your best option. Even the houses here are priced accordingly, so you would not have to go over your budget too much.

Scotts Mill

Scotts Mill Real Estate

The options mentioned before are usually targeted for those who are into the exclusive type of villages. If you want to be surrounded by more people, then Scotts Mill is your choice. It is also more affordable since it is a sprawling complex.

If you are into the more social style of living, then this place is for you. It is also near to Raleigh, the state capital, so it is still easy to move around and go to places you want to go and visit. Read more about it here:

Villages Of Apex

Lastly, the Villages of Apex is more of an all-around place that you can live in and enjoy. There are more choices here for housing, like apartments, condominiums, and townhouses. Also, they have other amenities that you can enjoy, like cafes and restaurants. You would not end up feeling left out and idle here. Even, you can walk into Raleigh with ease.


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