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If you’ve ever been around a family member preparing for a move, then the process might seem fun and enjoyable. The truth is that moving can be a stressful and unpleasant process. However, the result is what ultimately matters. The success of your move will depend on how well you deflect mistakes and the packing to moving tips you know. We’ve compiled our top packing tips for packing for a move to make sure you achieve a positive and fun outcome.

Pack Using The Right Size Boxes

Our first hack on packing for move tips is to use the right size boxes. Using the wrong size storage to store your home furnishings can be time-wasting and disastrous. A large item in a small space may cause the item to fall and shatter, as the box may be too small to support the fixtures. Likewise, a small item in a big space will mean limited space for other items.

As you pack items for the move, use large boxes for large items, small ones for heavy items, and also pack ultralight items in bigger boxes. This way, even if your objects are heavy or super light, you can easily move them around without the fear of damage.

Place Heavier Items First Before Ultralight Fixtures

You may be considering the DIY route. Well, here’s one fact you should know; heavy units placed on light objects may spoil or damage them. When arranging your belongings in the truck, make sure that every storage unit containing heavy equipment is placed first before proceeding with loading the lightboxes. If you’re contemplating leaving your heavy items in storage, then hire a storage service.

Pad Boxes To Avoid Empty Spaces

Imagine trying to load a large box only for the items to keep moving. On the drive, chances are you’ll come along a bad road. If your storage units are not fully padded, it means you’re at the risk of losing a rare item, due to the bumpy situation on the road. To avoid this, ensure that after packing your household fixtures, you fill in the left-out space with either a towel, soft cloth item, or packing paper. This way, your boxes feel more balanced than ever.

Determine What Goes Where

Mixing items from the different rooms would mean so many clutter in your new room when looking for something. Why? You wouldn’t even know where each item is and would have to go through every single box. When wrapping up your items, it’s always best to pack items accordingly. Wrap items in the bathroom separately and do the same for other rooms.

Try Labeling

One way to easily locate your stuff without cluttering your space is to label each box in an organized and concise way. It will help unload the storage units from the moving van easily as movers will know what room each box belongs to. You can label your boxes numerically or in alphabetical order. Alternatively, label them by room; for instance, mark each storage holding your bedroom essentials as “bedroom.”

Secure Moving Boxes Well With A Tape

Your stuff could fall and damage at any time, especially if you fail to seal the boxes well. Learn expert techniques to secure your storage units, then seal both sides to close them tightly. You could also use your packing tape around every edge of the boxes.

Care For Your Kitchen Items

Your kitchen holds the majority of the fragile items in your home, from ceramic plates, cups, and mugs to glasswares. Find ways to expertly wrap your kitchen equipment to avoid severe damage when moving. Some kitchen tips on packing to move include:

  • Wrap each plate with a packing paper
  • Arrange the dishware as a set, between five to six pieces, and wrap
  • Dishes are best laid sideways. So, avoid placing them flat in the box
  • Pad the top and bottom of every box with kitchen equipment before loading them
  • Wrap your cups and pan, then place the cups inside your bowls and wrap them in a bundle form
  • For your glassware, find a box that comes with a divider to pack them. It will protect them from breaking.

Clear Your Fridge

Next on our tips for packing to move across the country is preparing your fridge. You don’t want to wake up to a grungy fridge in your new place. So, find the time to deep clean your fridge. If you’ve got any frozen items, take them out days before the D-day. Use a soapy liquid and a soft towel to clean the fridge.

Sort Things By Category

As stated earlier, mixing items from different rooms can make the unpacking process challenging. To avoid a messy situation like this, sort your household stuff by category. Place kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room, and library items separately. You also want to label your storage by category. This way, you know which box to open when looking for something and also find it easy to unload them as you already know what goes where.

Your wardrobe can be a tasking packing job ever. One of our tips for packing clothes to move is to declutter them before packing each clothes.

Use Towels, Bubble Wrap, Or Packing Paper To Protect Fragile Items.

Hopefully, when buying your packing supplies, you also bought bubble wrap, a towel, and packing paper. If you did, good job! Now’s the time to use them. Your fragile items like your dishware, vases, glasses, bowls and ceramic plates will love you for using these items for their safety. Carefully wrap every one of the padding supplies before boxing them.

Research Professional Moving Companies

Today, there are multitudes of moving agencies that can help improve the quality of your experience. However, you want to keep in mind that you might not get the same quality input from company A as you would with company B. So, make sure to research professional moving services before hiring one. Check the company’s website to learn more about the company, read customer reviews, or contact the support team.

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