Top Tips For Choosing Champagne Flutes


Whether you’re hosting a holiday or looking for a sure-fire way to impress the guests, your entertaining of an evening, champagne is a must.

There are endless guides out there, helping us decide which wine or champagne to pair with what food and occasion. But once you’ve found the perfect bubbly, you need to pay attention to the best way to serve it. How can you enhance the appearance, aroma, and flavor of your choice?

First, you will need to consider the event itself – is it a formal and elegant affair, a vintage Gatsby-style soiree, or all about the food and drink? Different styles of champagne glasses offer very different experiences.

Once you have decided on the perfect vessel, you will need to settle on the proper presentation. As well as creating the right impression, how you present your champagne to your guests will need to cater for snacking, service, and more.

Let’s start with the glasses, though; what is the difference between a flute, a coupe, and a tulip, and why should you care?


Champagne Flute

Champagne flutes are now considered the most classic of champagne glasses. They are tall and narrow, with bowls that are often pointed in shape. This shape helps bubbles congregate at the bottom and fizz upwards, making for an attractive effervescent effect and capturing flavors and aromas on the way up.

The champagne flute is a glass for fizz lovers, but whilst they are the epitome of bubbly, it is worth bearing in mind that they are not always the best for complex flavors.

A classic flute will have a medium to a long stem, preventing you from cupping the bowl of the glass. This means your drink won’t warm too quickly, so your bubbly stays cool, crisp, and sharp.

Hollow stems like those you will find on many LSA champagne flutes add an interesting shape. Their elegant, almost vase-like outline is sleek and different from the usual flutes. Colored glass in the LSA range is also a nice twist to add more interest yet.

Coupes (Aka Saucers)

Champagne Tower

Those who enjoy a vintage style with their vintage tipple, champagne coupes, or saucers are popular. Their glamorous design is nostalgic and reminiscent of early to mid-20th century fun. A shallower and wider bowl with a shorter stem gives a lovely aesthetic and makes them sturdy and good for stacking in a champagne tower. However, this shape is not overly useful when it comes to keeping aroma and carbonation contained.

For those wanting fizz – real bubbles in their bubbly – the coupe isn’t the right choice. However, if you aim to channel the glamour of the Great Gatsby or the smooth sophistication of the Rat Pack era, the champagne coupe is for you. It is a glass for creating ambiance, as opposed to exploiting effervescence and enhancing flavors.


Champagne Tulip

Less publicized than its flute and coupe cousins, the champagne tulip is another choice to consider. Though like flutes in any way, the rim curves inwards, and the bowl is wider. The narrowed or tapered, and sometimes curled lip means aromas are preserved and flavors improved, whilst a bigger bowl means better “aeration,” so bubbles are more intense and hit your taste buds instead of invading your nose.

This style of glass is often recommended for French champagnes, which have a lot of flavors. You only want to fill the tulip’s bowl halfway, though, to the widest point, as this leaves enough room for aromas to aerate without escaping altogether.

Each of these champagne glass styles offers something different, unique, and utterly enjoyable. Your choice will depend on your event and needs, and you may find you opt for different styles on different occasions.

Ultimately, the flute is the firm favorite for a good reason. It offers the best of both worlds – classic and elegant in style, but practical when enjoying the drink and enhancing its flavors.

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