Top Tips For Choosing The Right Curtains


All decorators and interior designers emphasize that curtains can totally change the decor of your room, but only when selected wisely. It may seem like an effortless task, but it requires a lot of thought. The selection is just not based on one, but multiple factors. Here are some essential aspects to consider when picking curtains.

Curtains For Home Or Commercial Space

Designer Curtains

Most people usually prefer opting for blinds or screens for their commercial space. But if you own a store or have a showroom, then the chenille curtain is a sensible idea. A curtain with flowers and elegant rosy-pink color might be suited for a woman’s boutique but not for a man’s garment shop or a regular hotel room. Curtains for the commercial space usually include subtle, plain, and nude colors, which is generally is more versatile in terms of different decors.

Living Room, Bedroom Or Other Guest Room

Curtains Glen Waverley

When you are picking the right kind of drape for your home, you have to also consider and select from different styles for the various rooms in your house. For your bedroom, you can go for anything that you like – something vivacious or subtle or anything that defines your style. But for the living room, you should pick something more neutral. Also, living room curtains do tend to get dirty faster, so you may consider slightly deeper shades. For the children’s room, it could be some peppy cartoon print, while the guest room can be classic and simple.


Beyond the basic style of the curtain, you also have to consider the functional value of the fabric. You can pick from a range of fabrics that include smooth satins to heavier laces, but, on the whole, you should pick something feasible. If you like natural light, then choose window fabrics that are thick enough to offer privacy but allow sunlight. Similarly, if you want to block out sunlight, you can opt for heavier fabrics. Also, these curtain fabrics should be more natural to wash, especially in the machine and dryer. Some curtains, especially very decorative ones, are usually just dry-cleaned. So save them for special occasions. Using them every day means frequent cleaning, which in turn would burn a hole in your pocket.


Right Curtains

A fabric that looks great should also last you a few years. The average life span of a curtain can range from 3-7 years, depending on the maintenance. So opt for good-quality materials that might cost a bit more, but also last longer. In most cases, you will notice slight changes to the fabric and texture because of frequent washing, sun damage, or other similar factors. But sturdy fabrics usually reflect very little difference because of these factors.

Thread Count

Your bed sheets are not the only area where thread count is important. The same applies to curtains too. The higher your thread count – think 200 TC and up, the better would be your curtain quality. Besides the thread count, you should also consider the kind of weave the fabric has like plain or twill, which are the usual cotton ones found in most homes.

Along with the above factors, you should consider aspects like the length of the curtains, its width, what kind of drape or fall you want, etc. You may also consider the type of curtain rods along with choosing the fabric because it adds to the aesthetic appeal. You can opt for tailor-made curtains or even get some ready-made ones. And finally, do evaluate the cost based on the fabric, its quality, and durability. These are a few essential aspects you should know while choosing the right curtains in your home and office.

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