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Now and then, we all need to de-clutter our homes. You’d be surprised at just how much stuff makes its way into your home over the course of a year, making it essential to have a good clear out on a semi-regular basis. Clearing out your house is probably one of the most daunting things, with many people imagining having to take a week off to sort through things, battle dust and cobwebs, and fighting with sentimental emotions as they go.

We can’t pretend like de-cluttering is easy to work or that you’ll find it enjoyable, but it doesn’t need to be as much of a chore as it is. We’ve put together some top tips for having a clear-out, so if your house is due one, take note!

  1. Hire A Skip/Removal Service

Hire A Removal Service

The worst part about de-cluttering is having to deal with the mounds of rubbish that will inevitably pile up when you’re done. You probably don’t want to fill up your dustbin with waste, nor do you want to make multiple trips to your local waste disposal center – especially not if yours is the type that charges by the carload.

Avoid the hassle and either hire a skip or enlist the services of a professional waste removal company like Central Junk in London. This way, you can put all your waste in one convenient location, and you can rest easy knowing that your rubbish will be professionally sorted and disposed of in the most environmentally friendly.

In addition, it will make the clearing out process a lot easier because you won’t have multiple piles of rubbish scattered around your house.

  1. Work Your Way Up

Most people find it easier to start with the rooms they use the most, as these are the rooms when they’re likely to have the most items. You probably spend most of your time downstairs, so it’s a good idea to start with your living room and kitchen first. You’ll most definitely have more energy at the start of a de-cluttering session, so it’s best to tackle the rooms you’ll notice the most difference with first.

Not only this, but odds and sods usually make their way upstairs for storage in a spare room, so it makes sense to take them up with you rather than de-cluttering upstairs and immediately filling it again with items from downstairs.

  1. Use Boxes

A good way to stay organized is to use boxes during the de-cluttering process. You can have a box for things you want to keep, things you want to donate to charity, and things you want to throw out. The throw-out box will be collected by the removal company or thrown in the skip, and you can load the donated items into your car, ready to take to a charity shop or shelter at the end of the process.

  1. Clean As You Go

Lots of people wonder whether it’s more efficient to clean during or after a clear out. We would recommend doing it during, with the exception of the floor, which should be done last. Think of it like this: why empty off a bookshelf and clear it out, load all the books back on, and then have to take them off to dust, only to put them back? Dust and clean surfaces when they’re empty, and once every counter surface or shelf in a room has been done; you can then tackle the floor.

The reason you should do the floor last is that dust from the surfaces and debris from moving items around will naturally make its way to the floor, so it’s easier to do it last.

Final Words

We hope these tips will help you in your de-cluttering mission. Do you have any tips for cleaning on a massive scale?

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