Top Tips On How To Remove Scratches From Glass


Top Tips On How To Remove Scratches From Glass

The glass is very fragile, and this is why it is difficult to take care of it. Scratches can occur during installation, cleaning and as a result of accidents. However, when you notice that your glass has scratches, you do not have to worry. This is because minor scratches can be easily removed at home without the need for glass scratch removal services or replacing the glass. These home remedies for scratches in glass are easy to apply. Here are the top tips on how to remove scratches from glass:

Using Toothpaste

The first step is to ensure that you clean the glass with a clean piece of cloth and allow it to dry. Then take another cloth and make it damp and get rid of the excess water, then apply a pea-sized spot of toothpaste on the cloth. The toothpaste you use should be white and have baking soda as one of the ingredients for increased efficiency. Wipe the area of the scratch with the part of the cloth with the toothpaste in circular motions and repeat the procedure until the scratch has been wiped off. Then take another piece of cloth, wet it and wring to remove the excess water and wipe the window to give it a shine.

Using Metal Polish

This is very effective especially when you are dealing with large glass surfaces that are delicate. The first step is to wet a cloth and wring out the excess water and wipe the glass gently to remove dirt and debris. Allow the glass to dry and wrap a piece of cloth that will not leave fibres on the glass on your finger. You can also use a cotton ball and apply a little amount of the metal polish on the cloth or cotton ball. Wipe the area with the scratch in circular motions with the part of the cloth with the polish. Do not add polish; rather continue wiping the area until the scratch comes off. Dampen another cloth and use it to wipe the entire glass surface to give it a shine.

Using Nail Polish

Wipe the glass surface with a damp cloth to remove debris and dirt and allow the surface to dry. Use a clean applicator brush to apply a fragile layer of clean nail polish on the area with the scratch. During the application, try as much as possible to minimise the contact between the polish and the surrounding glass without scratches. Leave the nail polish to dry and settle for about an hour and then apply a little nail polish remover on a clean piece of cloth. Wipe the surface of the glass you had applied nail polish on to remove the polish and give the glass shine.


Scratches on glass are very annoying, and they ruin the appearance of glass. Since scratches are tough to avoid, it is essential to know how to get rid of them at home. With small scratches, you can use toothpaste, metal polish and even nail polish to remove them and you do not have to seek glass scratch removal services.

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