Top Tips To Choose Window Treatments For Your Kitchen


Your kitchen is the heart of your home. You have put in considerable thought getting the layout, color scheme, countertops, faucets, cabinets, appliances, and floorings just right.

But what about your kitchen window treatments? Are those at par with the rest?

Your kitchen’s window drapes need as careful selection as other things in it. Here are some tips to get your kitchen windows looking as chic as the rest of your house.

Curtains or Shades:

Black Kitchen Window

Curtains tend to billow, so ideally, if your kitchen windows are close to the cooking stove, shades (or blinds) are a more practical choice. However, if your windows are located off the cooking countertop wall, add curtains to your options. Similarly, roman shades or blinds are better suited for a modern contemporary kitchen, while drapery works in most decors, including traditional/classic settings.

Custom or Readymade:

Cafe Curtains

Check your windows. Are these odd-sized or standardized? Readymade window treatments are often more economical. However, they work only with standard sizes. Any deviation and these look, misfits. When it comes to odd-sized windows — if they need little cafĂ© curtains or extra wide curtains, for example — going custom might become a necessity.

The Right Fabric:

Floral Self-Patterned Drapes

Kitchen means cooking, and cooking means splashes and odors. Choose curtain fabrics with care. Anything that needs heavy-duty maintenance (think silk or velvet) is out. Easy to launder fabrics are the way to go for kitchen curtains. Ditto for any fabric absorbs odors (like polyester, which also happens to be combustible, bad choice in a kitchen where flame stoves are used).

Plain or Patterned:

Plain Curtains

Printed Curtains

Depends entirely on your design sensibilities. Wish to inject a vibrant note into a simple kitchen? Go for boldly printed curtains. Prefer a minimalist look? Go for simple stripes, a subdued check, or plain monochromes. If you’re getting custom drapes made, consider color block window treatments to match your kitchen palette perfectly.

Contrast or Uniform:

Kitchen Window Drapes

Again, your call. You can continue your kitchen’s color scheme by choosing your window treatments in similar hues. Or you can add your twist in the tale by opting for startling contrasts in curtains.

Think About Privacy:

Kitchen Design

Neighbors overlook many kitchen windows or face a busy street. Consider your fabric options factoring in how important maintaining privacy is to you. Light sheer drapery filters light in while maintaining confidentiality. Similarly, tiered café curtains only cover part of the window, so prying eyes are kept out while allowing in plenty of light.

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