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Small Bedroom Decor

All teeny-weeny things look adorable except for a bedroom that spells claustrophobia for even the one who never misses the silver lining! Chill! There are umpteen ways to make the most diminutive space feel expansive. Trust the expert stylists who have dealt with this problem a million times and never yielded to it. We bring you the top tips to decorate a small bedroom.

Small spaces require design techniques that ensure maximum output from minimum investment. It calls for a two-pronged strategy: Make the most of the space you have and fake the space you don’t have.

Here are some brilliant tactics to make your small sleep-den sore high with romance and charisma while meeting all your needs.

Make Maximum Use Of Space

Often, even in a small room, its full capacity is underestimated. With a little tweaking and the right bit of furnishing, be assured that you can get all your needs met to the very best. From clever ways of using vertical space to mounting minimalist custom roman shades, here are some handy techniques to maximize the use of your small space:

  1. Invest In Multi-Functional Furniture: Seen those sofas that can double up as beds or those beds and end-of-bed benches with storage units underneath? You get space to stack your blankets, pillows, winter wear, and sports gear without sparing space for a closet. Similarly, a headboard with floating shelves can let you do away with the nightstand.
  2. Tap The Hidden Potential In The Room’s Architectural Features: Does your window sill have an unusual depth or does your door stand at a foot’s gap from the wall, or does your ceiling or wall have an awkward niche alcove? With custom furnishing, you can easily tweak an architectural gaffe into a storage unit or seating arrangement.
  3. Mount Minimalistic Window Treatments: If you want to use the space under the window, buy roman shades instead of floor-length drapes. Now you can place the bed or a cabinet right under the window.
  4. Use Wall Space Instead Of Floor Space: Freeing more floor space instantly makes the room look spacious. So, bank on the vertical space and wall-mount as many elements as you can. Get sconces instead of floor lamps, built-in shelves instead of protruding racks, and overhead storage units instead of additional cupboards.
  5. Get A Disappearing Bed: A little bedroom is a place for some magic. You get the bed when you want it and make it vanish when you don’t. Lo! Plenty of room! Murphy beds that become office or study or couch by day are a smart take on a small space, just right for studios!

Roman Window Shades

Create Illusive Space

Having ensured that all the necessary elements of a bedroom have multiple uses, the next step is to create a false sense of space. Wise decor tips ahead:

  1. Go With Ceiling-To-Floor Drapes: If you have a window covering almost three-fourths of the wall, try this no-fail technique with custom curtains. Drape them full scale from ceiling to floor to make the eye move upward to the highest point. The room gets an optically illusive height.
  2. Go White And Bright: Rooms that reflect light look more spacious than they are. So, paint your walls white, get light-hued vinyl sticker tiles for the floor and use loud accents for visual interest. Let every element that occupies huge perceptible space like the bed, the carpet, and the couch be bright-hued.
  3. Use Just One Color For Walls: Different colored walls help to section out spaces and to create dimension and depth. So, avoid using varied colors that make the eye grasp the limits of space and thus feel the crampiness. Let the whole space look like one large unit by using the same color for all the walls.
  4. Use Transparent Materials: See-through materials like glass and lucite let light pass through and register as free space in our minds. Get stools, consoles, and floating shelves done in transparent stuff.
  5. Use Patterns Moderately: Designs bring a contrast of colors and readily woo the eye. But overdo or overscale them, and the space will look cluttered. So avoid grand-scale high-contrast patterns. Use medium or small-scaled patterns in complementary colors at a bare minimum level.
  6. Hang Huge Mirrors: Since mirrors reflect light, they lend an illusive sense of space. Attach huge mirrors to your closet doors and dressers and several mirror-art pieces on the wall if you like. But be cautious not to overdo this step because seeing your reflection for a longer period may also overwhelm you!

All Said, Now Get Going…

We hope that you can now stop the litany of complaints as you get to see that the opportunities hidden in your small bedroom are vast. This design project will convince you of the favorite adage of minimalists that ‘less is more. No better place to practice sophisticated minimalism than your tiny bedroom!

Best wishes for your exciting design venture!

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