Top Trends To Watch Out For In Window Cleaning


Window Cleaning

With over $40 billion a year spent in window cleaning services in the U.S., window cleaning is a booming industry, with new players streaming every month. This has enabled the industry players to derive new and innovative ways to attain and maintain their clients, to avoid being swept aside.

But what does window cleaning entail? A professional window cleaner should be proficient in exterior maintenance, marking, and cleaning both the inside and outside window screens. The cleaning should also encompass the window sills and tracks. In addition to this, professional window cleaners also handle customer service calls, where they schedule routine visits to their clients and bid for more jobs. All these while maintaining the day-to-day operations of their business.

The average window cleaner makes approximately $40 to $60 an hour, translating to over $60,000 a year. With these attractive rates, it is possible to scale to new and higher horizons in this business while maintaining a steady and reliable income source as a professional. Business owners can earn even more if they scale up their services and offer more client incentives in their package.

Emerging Trends In Window Cleaning

However, the window cleaning market is changing to involve a more rigorous and intensive process. The use of technology has taken center stage in these developments, with upcoming trends focusing more on development and innovation. Below are some new trends that industry players should expect by 2022:

  • Use Of Centralized, Automated Systems

Business owners embrace the use of Smartphone applications to create centralized systems for their employees, which assist in tracking and ensuring complete visibility of the operations. These applications offer options for better management and mobility and ensure maximum team productivity. These systems also enable a seamless process where employees know their tasks, thereby avoiding scheduling conflicts. For instance, apps like Jobber and Genio offer calendar options to optimize routes, track employees, and manage the cash flow. This saves on lowering overhead costs, time management and ensures professionalism is upheld in your business.

  • Use Of Cleaning Drones

The advent of cleaning drones has changed the game in window cleaning by providing safer, faster, and cost-efficient alternatives. With some companies already using cleaning drones for their buildings, the growing popularity of using them is set to increase in the coming years. With international standards of operation still being discussed, cleaning drones are becoming more affordable, with different models varying in size, shape, and functionality. For instance, most drones carry a load of over 100kg and fly up to fifteen minutes. They also revolutionize the industry as they make inspection faster, cheaper, and safer.

  • Sustainability Options

As more businesses delve into sustainable measures that consider environmentally friendly processes, ensuring your business supports combating climate change is becoming a precursor to attracting customers. More customers are likely to invest in a company that has a purpose and offers much more than just its business model. For instance, investing back into the Circular Economy ensures ecosystems around the world are sustained and supported. Purchasing eco-friendly products for window cleaning and maintenance also ensures that your business maintains transparency and visibility levels to your clients. Managing waste products and going paperless encourages sustainable cleaning services, putting your company on the map for potential growth.

Tips To Consider When Running Your Business

Despite the above trends that you might need to incorporate in your business, below are some additional tips and guidelines towards running a successful window cleaning business:

  • Pricing Structure

Develop a simple pricing model for your clients by considering how you choose to charge them. For instance, will the prices be set by the hour or by the window? And will these also consider the size, location, and height of the building?

  • Legal Structure

Establishing legal systems from the start ensures you do not face tax complications in the future. It ensures the continuation and survivability of the business in case the founders opt to leave later on. For instance, consider whether the business is registered as a limited liability corporation, partnership, or sole proprietorship.

  • Supply Structure

Maintaining a reliable supply structure ensures all your janitorial supplies are present at all times in case of a rush job. You can check your local listings to check whether all the required supplies are available.

  • Marketing Options

Establishing measurable marketing systems that categorize the most efficient marketing channel will garner more sales and attract more customers. For example, online advertising in sites such as Google or Facebook ensures your page acquires online traffic, thus getting positive reception. Business promotion can also be done by using flyers, direct mail, or website promotions. Maintaining an online sales team that responds to calls and customer inquires will also help your business.

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