Top Vacation Home Security Tips


Are you lucky enough to have your vacation home? Well, nothing can be more exciting than visiting your vacation home from time to time and spending quality time with your loved ones. You can take your kids to their dream vacation home during their holidays or invite your friends over. No doubt, owning a vacation home is no less than a dream to most homeowners. For enhanced security, hire services from the best locksmith in Catoosa.

But have you ever thought, what if some intruder breaks into your premises and steal your valuables while you are away? According to the research, housebreakers tend to rob vacation homes where no one resides. Of course, you can’t keep an eye on your premises all the time, especially a property which is probably miles away from your living apartment. But you can follow the below-listed security tips to ensure the safety of your home. Read on to know top vacation home security tips:

  • Install Security Cameras

Install Security Cameras

Thanks to modern technology and high-class camera devices. You no longer have to worry about your vacation home as long as the security cameras are installed on your premises. The CCTV cameras have undoubtedly made the security of a place affordable. There is a wide range of home security cameras available on the market. You can even connect the camera of your vacation home to your smartphones, laptops, and computers to get 24 hours footage of your home.

To ensure high security, you can install advanced cameras primarily known for their exclusive ability to send the homeowner notification if something unusual happens on their premises.

  • Invest In Lighting

Invest In Lighting

Do you know how intruders get to know that your home is a vacation place, and no one lives on the property? They are intelligent enough to figure out the absence and presence of the people in a house. Burglars prefer to break into the dark and locked building. Of course, you may not want the housebreakers to stop by your beautiful vacation home, get inside, and steal your essentials. Hence, you must consider installing lighting fixtures outside your vacation home to misguide the outsiders.

  • Secure Doors And Windows

Secure Doors And Windows

There’s no doubt to say that every homeowner would lock the door and windows of their vacation home before leaving. However, make sure to close all the entrances to your property, including the storage lockers, windows, tool shed, garage, and even the boathouse. Invest in high-quality door locks as the casual doorknobs and deadbolts are breakable, especially for the experienced burglars who bring the technical door breaking equipment. You can lock your vacation home with a pin tumbler lock, a padlock, or a double cylinder deadbolt.

A vacation home isn’t a place that you can visit every second day. That being said, you should never hide spare keys to your vacation home in and around the property. Also, you must know your neighbors and maintain a good relationship with them. This way, your neighbors will look after your vacation property and keep you updated.

Make the most of the services from the best locksmith in Catoosa.

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