Top Ways To Go About Remodeling Your Bathroom


Bathroom Remodeling

Are you planning to renovate your bathroom? Do you have any prior experience of going through a home remodeling project? If not, it is okay to be a bit overwhelmed. Homespace renovations of any kind are intimidating at first sight. However, when it comes to remodeling a bathroom, a space that needs to be functional and aesthetic, the margin for error is low. When revamping your bathroom space, there are many details to consider, from the flooring to the paint and cabinets. Everything needs to be taken care of while keeping your budget in mind.

To help you in this endeavor, we have compiled a list of our top tips and tricks so that your bathroom remodel both attractive and cost-effective.

  1. Plan A Layout

Bathroom Renovation Layout

Before starting the renovation process, draw up a rough layout of how you want your bathroom space to pan out. If you are on a budget, you will want to stick to the existing sanitary structure and avoid unnecessary changes. A smart approach will be connecting the toilet to the original soil pipe so that you do not have to spend extra money on getting a new plumbing system installed.

Once you have finalized your bathroom plan, show it to the electrician, plumber, and the tiler to ensure that everyone is on the same page. If you are somewhere near the Houston area, you may want to visit to make sure you thought of the best possible ideas. Hopefully, you will get things rolling and turn your bathroom remodel dream into reality.

  1. Select The Necessary Sanitaryware

Bathroom Sanitary Plumbing

Remember that an essential aspect of your bathroom is the plumbing and drainage system. To ensure that your fresh water and waste pipes are set in place properly, you should select the sanitaryware that you wish to install in your bathroom. Keep in mind that this should be done before the plastering or tiling begins. Go over even the tiniest details before the renovation starts so that you do not need to make alterations in the latter stages of the remodeling process.

  1. Ventilation Is Important

Bathroom Ventilation

All living spaces require proper ventilation, and this is especially true for small bathrooms. When you are formulating the construction plan, make sure to include some ventilation, either in the form of a window or an exhaust fan. Do some research to figure out what kind of ventilation best fits the needs of your bathroom space. If you decide to go with an exhaust fan, look at its exhaust capacity and noise levels.

  1. Choose The Right Flooring

Bathroom Flooring

While solid wood floors are a common choice for room flooring amongst homeowners, they are not particularly suitable for bathrooms due to their lack of resistance against pooling water. The flooring you choose must withstand the high foot traffic, puddles of water, and other regular usage rigors. According to expert recommendations, ceramic and porcelain tiles are among the best tiling options for bathroom floors.

  1. Do Not Overlook Lighting

Bathroom Lighting

A bathroom is a place where some people can spend hours looking at themselves in the mirror. You may want to install some bright light fixtures to help you see what you are doing close up. These will come in handy when you are inspecting your hair and face in the mirror. You can also put a dimmer switch to help adjust the mood and add to your private oasis’s overall aesthetics. Remember, lighting is what pulls the entire structure together. Bad bathroom lighting can destroy the look and utility of your space.

Renovations can be a daunting process. When it comes to a bathroom, the stakes are somewhat high as there is a lot involved; from plumbing, tiling to showers and basins, the costs can skyrocket within no time. With various elements and trades involved in a bathroom renovation, it is critical to plan and budget accordingly, so you can create a space that is both stylish and functional, whatever your budget.

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