Toyota Innova Dimensions: Hot Tricks For Your Garage!


The Toyota Innova is a popular car in the Philippines. It is known for its reliable performance, spacious interior, and fuel efficiency. This model has been in production since 2004 and has undergone several revisions. The latest revision was in 2016.

This article will discuss Toyota Innova dimensions as well as what you need to know to build a garage appropriate for this car. Keep reading to find out more!

Toyota Innova Dimensions

Toyota Innova Dimensions
A Car Model Of Toyota Company

The Innova is a famous people carrier that offers both comfort and practicality. In addition, its price is truly affordable for many customers. However, the dimensions of this model can be a little confusing to find out, so here is what you learn about them.

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This model measures 4,735 mm long, 1,830 mm wide, and 1,795 mm high. It has a 2,715 mm wheelbase and a luggage capacity of 223 liters. The Innova is available with either five or seven seats.

Things To Know Before Making A Garage For Toyota Innova 

Toyota Innova is a multipurpose vehicle that is perfect for large families. However, when you are looking to purchase or build a garage for your favorite car, there are some essential things you need to be aware of.

First and foremost, you must determine how much room you require for your cars, storage, and a workshop area, among other things. You can also consider the size of your home and any existing structures in your yard before deciding where to place it.

When talking about the size, builders refer to the outside dimensions of your park, not the interior ones. That is why, based on the thickness of the walls, the interiors are expected to be smaller and tighter.

The best thing that you could do when planning out your new room is to make sure that you consider all these factors so that you get what you want without compromising anything else.

Excellent Tips To Build An Optimal Garage For Your Innova 

Optimal Garage For Your Innova

This section will provide you with some fantastic tips on building the perfect place for your favorite model.

The Garage Size 

Where does your vehicle need to fit? The size of your car is based upon length, width, and height. However, there are tools to help you determine how much room you can use and what features might work best for the construction process.

For example, the most suitable way to find out if your vehicle requires some additional room when parking it against a wall or a curb is by using a measuring tape.

The positive aspect of measuring all areas of the SUV, truck, or car with this tool is that it will help you better visualize how much room your vehicle takes up when parked.

But there’s more! You may also want to add on extra 2.5 inches before making your calculations to have enough room for passengers to get in and out of the vehicle!

You may be familiar with the condition where your vehicle will fit in a highly tight parking space with little wiggle room.

If so, then you will have the capability to release as much space as possible in the frame by trimming the size of the windshield and shutting off two of about 2.5 inches.

Alternatively, if your parking lot is limited, search for locations where you could place the new building. Cutting off additional areas is a valuable alternative that will undoubtedly upgrade your finances!

Optimal Position For Storage

You have to take into consideration how much room you’d like. However, space is more adaptable than a car, so think of our advice: the more area you have available, the more appreciative you will feel when looking back on your decision.

For example, lengthier storage spaces for indoor items such as bikes or tools provide storage space about 10 feet in length. A larger area or workshop can be from 10 to 28 feet apiece; therefore, a 32-foot garage can house both vehicle and workspace.

On the other hand, if a dryer or workhorse needs placement or larger items are slated for storage, such as motorcycles, for example, it would be best to choose a 36-foot background.

Garage Doors

Garage Doors

A single-car garage requires a door length of at least 9 feet for smaller vehicles, but the wider the door opens, the more challenging it is to fit inside due to the limited space.

However, we recommend that you choose this type of door for you: it’s simple to roll up, not obstructing the available space inside your parking, and if the door opens outward, it removes a significant amount of space, as well.

Two-Story Garage

A garage that’s less than seven feet high will grant you more mobility, while one that’s up to eight feet high will be better at avoiding you bumping your head.

Every available space is as vital as any dimension. Be sure to fully measure your car park before building, using the two storefronts as guidelines.

Adding storage or working space can be done quickly by simply expanding your parking lot “up” instead of adjusting its dimension.


Finally, if you want to build a garage based on the Toyota Innova dimensions, you should keep a few things in mind. First, you must ensure the parking size fits the car’s figure.

Second, make sure to choose a reliable and sturdy material like steel and leave enough space for the car to open its doors.

By following these tips, you can be sure that your new garage will be a great addition to your home. Thank you for your reading, and remember to stay tuned for our next topic!

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