Transform Your Boring Basement Into A Chill-Out Room!

On April 25, 2018 by Preeti Shah

The basement is out of sight. It is not the first thing a guest sees when they enter any home, nor is it the most anticipated. Basements are often utilized for storage, representing the underlying mess in any family’s life. But the basement is also a wonderful space that can easily be transformed from a mess to a masterpiece!

Utilizing these simple tips listed below can turn any glorified storage closet into a beautiful, relaxing space in the home to entertain guests or simply to get some much needed me-time.

  1. Initial Cleaning

Initial Cleaning
The first step to renovating any room of the house is the foundation. Most basements experience some level of leakage, dust, or mold. In cases like that, it is important to rectify those issues before beginning the beautification process.

For any degree of flooded basement, professionals such as at find a solution and rectify the issue, leaving the homeowner with a pristine basement for a low cost. While it may be difficult to start with the hard stuff like a flooded basement, starting with a clean slate makes the rest of the process of creating your chill-out room so much more fun!

  1. Renovations/Roofing

After the initial cleaning, renovations are the next element to consider. While renovations are not necessary, they are definitely a fun way to make the basement, or any room for that matter, seem more stylish or interesting. Many homeowners renovate their ceiling in the basement (which often consists of exposed support beams, air vents, etc.) and add drywall to make it look like other rooms of the house. This can give the basement a cleaner look, as if it’s not the basement but rather another room of the home.

While this can be an exciting way to change the look of the basement, committing to the exposed beams can also be a stylish choice. The industrial look of the exposed ceiling can put a stylish twist on the design of the room, especially if a fun paint color is added. A dull blue gray also can do wonders.

  1. A Splash Of Color

A Splash Of Color
One of the biggest mistake people make in assuming their basement isn’t fit for guests is assuming that natural lighting is a necessary component of brightening a room. Glancing down into a dark, drab basement can give this impression, but it is very easy to change the entire look of a basement by changing a few small things.

Colorful paint and furniture is one simple way to make the basement seem lighter and brighter. Choosing a clean white or a colorful wall paint can do wonders. Expansive floor rugs are also a wonderful way to open up the space, making it seem homier, larger, and more open. Any way a splash of color can be added will assist greatly in making the basement seem more like a fun place to spend time.

  1. Stylish Storage Solutions

Stylish Storage Solutions
Despite opening up the space with some bright colors, the basement can sometimes still feel cramped. In order to crack down on clutter (which, if removed, also makes the place seem much larger), stylish storage solutions like colorful bins, beachy cabinets, or a set of drawers can be a great way to hide the mess, while still letting the basement be a storage space.

One of the largest innovations in hiding clutter is a simple set of curtains. A colorful curtain hung in front of a cubby rack or stack of boxes makes the space look cleaner and less cluttered almost instantly.

  1. Entertainment

Now that the basement looks more like a hang out space, one great way to make the basement a fun place to invite guests is to add a home bar or snack station. For families with kids, a mini fridge and microwave is a great way to encourage the kids to enjoy the new space. Add some books and board games and the basement becomes a fun, entertaining place for the kids to bring friends and hang out on the weekends.

For adults who want to utilize the basement to entertain guests, adding a home bar is a wonderful way to make the room fun. A simple bar or drink cart can be an elegant edition to the room, and a cabinet or wall shelf can contain all that is necessary to make a variety of tasty beverages, without needing to clutter up the main kitchen upstairs.

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