Transform Your Rental Flat Into A Glamorous Dream Home In Delhi


After you have sorted a perfect flat from rental properties in Delhi, you now have to shoulder the task of making a home out of it. You have to identify the right choice of colour and theme for your rental property in Delhi to give it a classy look. Below are some of the steps to transform a rental flat in Delhi into a glamorous dream home:

  1. Check For Items That You Need For Your 1/2/3 BHK

Bigger Rental Property In Delhi

If you have a small rental property in Delhi, you will have to do with compact furniture items and wall-mounted ones. Instead of buying all the furniture, you can simply rent it out from branded furniture rental companies.

If you have a bigger rental property in Delhi, you will have the leeway to rent big pieces of furniture. You can choose a theme for the rental flat in Delhi and set the furniture accordingly.

  1. Start With Your Kitchen

Fully-Functional Kitchen

You have a countertop, and that is it. Now, it is upon you to set it and make it a fully-functional kitchen. Hire a carpenter and ask him to build cabinets for you to set your utensils. You can use the entire floor space to have shelves in place to store your home appliances. Have the switchboard near the countertop so that you will be able to plug in the home appliances easily.

  1. Use Covers For All The Big Appliances

Appliances Cover

Your refrigerator is an appliance, which is fixed to a place. In such a case, you need to cover it to keep the dust and dirt away from it. Besides this, also cover the microwave. You can rent the floral print ones to enhance the look of your kitchen.

Take care of your dining table. It is more susceptible to food spillage and food crumbs. You can cover it up, and you can directly clean it.

  1. Clutter-Free Home Is The New Classy Look

Clutter-Free Home

The trend is to be as minimal as possible. Your home must speak for itself even with minimal elements. Your living room must only have a sofa set and a TV unit. You can use the picture frames or family tree to decorate the walls of your home. You can use a sofa-bed combo for your living room. This way, when you have friends or relatives, you can accommodate them even without having to ask for a mattress from neighbours.

  1. Can’t Paint? Let Wallpaper Come To Your Rescue

Wallpaper For Wall Decor

Your homeowner may not allow you to carry out the painting work in the home. The best thing you can do is to use the curtains for your home. You can have a set of two-three curtains and use them on specific occasions.

Alternatively, you can also ask professional painters to use the wallpapers on your wall.

The best way to turn a rental property into a home is to keep it clean and be considerate about its maintenance needs.

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