Transforming Your Tiny Balcony Into The Ultimate Date Night Space



This year, the balcony has become a favorite hangout spot among homeowners and renters as it allows people to get some much-needed fresh air while we’re living in a stay-at-home world. Over 60 percent of renters in urban spaces have access to a balcony. What was once a designated space for drying laundry has become a haven for most people as they’ve started to redecorate and use the space for relaxation and leisure. Couples who have access to a balcony should consider turning it into a date night space as its intimate size is perfect for late-night talks and romantic indoor picnics. With a few items and a little effort, you can turn a tiny, lackluster space into the ideal spot to spend some quality time together. Here’s a guide to transforming your balcony into the ultimate date night space.

Not Enough Room For Chairs? Make The Floor As Comfy As Possible

Home-building experts at Paradisa Homes affirm most balconies have barely enough space for two chairs and a small table as restrictive zoning laws limit the size of private outdoor spaces in residential buildings. If this is the case in your home, you’ll need to make the floor as comfortable as possible so you can eliminate the need to add a sitting area. Consider laying down a few interlocking wood outdoor floor tiles right next to the balcony entrance– three to six squares will do, depending on your balcony’s floor area. Then, cover the rest of the floor with interlocking artificial grass carpet squares. The faux grass will feel soft underfoot, and you can sit, eat, or nap comfortably on it with your loved one without having to worry about damaging it.

Create Privacy

If you are spending your date nights on your balcony, then you may want to create a little privacy so you can bond with your partner without fear of getting gawked at by your neighbors. You can order privacy screens from Ikea or Amazon to cover railings or glass enclosures, or you can install shutters or wooden blinds if you want a more natural feel. You can also have a tulle canopy in the balcony to further shield you and your partner from curious eyes.

Add Some Accessories

As you’re working with limited space, you’ll need to decorate your balcony with just a few items that will make it comfortable and beautiful without taking up too much room. A few strings of battery-operated fairy lights will add a touch of magic to your date night space, while a rug and a few floor cushions will make your balcony extra cozy. You may also have one small potted plant in one corner of the balcony to add a touch of green to your space. Instead of a regular table, use a Japanese-style low folding table so you can eat your meals comfortably, and once you’re done, you can put it away and have enough room to stretch out and relax with your loved one.

Your balcony can be the ideal place for bonding and spending quality time with your significant other. Try these tips to create a romantic space in your home and see how it benefits your relationship in the long run.

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