Travertine vs. Flagstone Pool Decking: What Are The Differences?


Pool decking is an attractive surface around the swimming pool to make it slip-resistant and look attractive in the pool’s surroundings. If you have one pool in the house, pool decking is worth considering. However, when it comes to pool decking options, many are confused about choosing Travertine and flagstone pool decking when they want to fulfill their stone patio dreams around the pool. Here is an article to highlight the difference between the two decks to help you make an informed decision in making the right choice.

As discussed, most people are confused about choosing between Travertine pool decking and flagstone pool decking. So let’s get straight to the point here.

Travertine Pool Decking Vs. Flagstone


Travertine Pool Decking

In terms of beauty, both travertine pool decking and flagstone pool decking stand in the competition. However, both are a good choice when you aim just to build the beauty around the pool. While flagstone pool decking looks more natural with the stones, Travertine pool decks are available in different stone colors making the deck surface look elegant.

Heat Resistance

Flagstone Pool Decking

Heat resistance is one of the major factors you should look for while selecting a pool deck for your home. While flagstone decks don’t make a good choice for this reason, Texas travertine pool decks are 20-30% cooler than other kinds of pool decks, whether it is flagstone or concrete pool decks. Though they might be warmer in the hot summer, you will find it comfortable to walk on the deck compared to other alternatives. This is because they are manufactured to stay cool irrespective of climatic conditions in the weather. Therefore, these pavers are more refreshing to walk on when compared to flagstone pavers.

Water Absorbing Capacity

Custom Shaped Awesome Swimming Pool

The pool decks need to be more water-absorbent, especially when you have children playing around the pool. Again, travertine pool decking works best here. They have more water-absorbing capacity when compared to flagstone decking and are efficient in making the surface non-slippery.


Small Space Swimming Pool

Making the surface slip-resistant is also another important factor. Having Travertine pool decking in place will keep you away from the fear of falling due to its slippery nature. The stone surface gets a precious quality here to prevent hazardous puddles from forming around the lake, thus providing safety against slipping; however, the water-absorbing capacity is comparatively less when it comes to floating stone decks. Therefore, it cannot promise effective safety as Travertine.


Custom Luxury Swimming Pool

When it comes to versatility, Travertine decks top the choice again over flagstone decks. They are available in a wide range of options. As these decks are made of calcified stone, they can offer the resemblance of limestone, pure marble, and even granite. The decks are a more customizable and affordable option when compared to other alternatives like flagstone. They even promise to long last for years when maintained well. Travertine can make a great choice if you look for tile pavers with high-style looks for your outdoor pool decks.


Eco-Friendly Swimming Pool

Taking choice for Eco- friendly pavers brings flagstone decks into priority. They are made of natural materials like plant glue and sand to create strong and durable flooring for your decks. As they are less heat absorbent, they can create a perfect climatic condition for plants to grow in the surroundings if you are looking to maintain a low carbon print on the atmosphere, ignoring the other features needed for pool decks. Flagstone pool decks can be your choice over Travertine pool decks. Pools can transform any backyard into a tropical oasis. It can easily become the center of relaxation at your home by placing plant around pool.

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